Why Tinubu Became A Target :Olasumbo Faseesin Esq


I have taken my time to study events as they unfold enough to return here for public interest. Initially, I read the grievances of some persons who had alleged Tinubu didn’t talk immediately the protest gathered momentum simply because he was the sponsor. I equally read tersed and conflicting arguments making foolery of logic. That, Tinubu financially empowered the protest hence the choice of Lagos an epicentre for commerce and industry as well as global centrepiece for traction to enable the world see how inefficient the Buhari administration was… So many insinuations until he spoke. It stands to reason how a script-writer would make himself the protagonist and antagonist in one breath and the same character.

The sequence of events have revealed more than meet the eyes with politics underscoring relevant indices. A game of antics, pretence, deceit, lies and propaganda. Everything is involved in the manner we play politics in Africa, especially Nigeria. How sad?

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A man who is accused for not airing views became an object of attack no sooner he made a public appraisal of the protest. He became a fire that must be extinguished. Tinubu became the object of ridicule with investments burning to ashes. Tinubu narrowly escaped murder, his rivalries are no less happy. This is another side of politics!


They sounded more angry, from #EndSARS to #EndTinubu. The way to go is crush, burn, steal, destroy, loot and possibly kill should the target be found. Suddenly, their entire burden, frustration, challenge, and problem became Tinubu. Tinubu is the only reason we are not successful, he has enslaved the Yoruba and the Yoruba amongst us must lead the struggle to exterminate him. We must also fight his accomplice, the Oba of Lagos who had sometimes threatened the use of Lagoon. We must take them to the slaughter slab of public opprobrium and slew them immediately. Now is the time we may never find similar opportunity again.. Once we perish them, our destinies will be restored. They held down our privileges, opportunities and chances of being successful. They curse and cause our generation to sorrow and languish in poverty. We must #ENDSARS and equally End them Now were chants renting the air.

It is time to unseat them all and possibly reduce their capacity and control. The way to go is to use irate youths mixed with trained arsonists who in twinkle of an eye have the expertise and training in razing down edifice. Not enough with TVC, we must go all out for the Oriental Hotel and every thing synonymous with Tinubu in Lagos. Unfortunately, these assailants who are obviously ignorant forgot the apparent fact that Tinubu beyond Lagos is Africa. To detroy Tinubu entirely might require more than the limited knowledge & information they reveled in and have so acted upon without discretion. The rampaging mob went on a free for all disguising as protesters but causing fear, trepidation, apprehension while innocent people scamper for safety.

To successfully destroy Asiwaju of Africa, otherwise Jagaban of Borgu, and Leader of the ruling APC political party, you must possess intellectual capacity. Materials are things anyone could yet pick up, but knowledge cannot be easily be bought. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State and Nigeria appears like an oasis in the desert, everyone flocks around it.

Perhaps the long time experience in waiting while he was a lonely voice in opposition or, the thick skin during the NADECO exercise until 1999 when he assumed office as the Executive Governor of Lagos State and his brief stint as senator have culminated in making him strong. One thing has continually kept Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State going forward and this factor may yet propel him as a survivor of deliberate attacks. Tinubu enjoys an unrivalled foresight and instinct. He is a master planner who sees afar what might happen the near future. Such rare gift are for leaders not followers. He sees ahead and plots his political graph miles above his contemporaries. He never sleeps according to those who had interacted with him on many occasions.

Unbias study of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos would review more. I had always liked the peddled rumour about Tinubu until I perished everything called hearsay and gossips. To know Tinubu, you must call the deep. Asking rhetorically, questions that you alone would most probably provide answers. Tinubu was only an Executive Governor in 1999-2007 haven enjoyed a second term his contemporaries failed to realise. He suffered and was victimized by President Olusegun Obasanjo who did everything within his Presidential influence to muffle and whittle down his rising profile but failed.

Yet, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State did not rest on his oars. Rather, he remained stoical in his conviction that the opposition Alliance for Democracy (AD) would pass through processes of growth and metamorphosise into All Progressive Congress (APC). A dream late Chief Obafemi Awolowo saw when he wrote and ascribed wrestling power from the centre as a synergy requiring the progressive coming together with a few conservative. Hence, one could readily link the emergence of President Buhari with the manifestation of this prophecy when he was voted to defeat President Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos is the epitome describing the cliche, “grass to grace”. Having moved from opposition to the ruling political party, spanning 15years altogether with the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari at the centre, a lot more competing interests have emerged. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos is a true reflection of progressive politics in the manner harem of Party loyalists, faithful and supporters have benefited through his ceaseless influence. Many of whom are Senators, Ministers, Governors, Ambassadors to mention but few. Asiwaju has not stopped widening the scope of political horizon outside Africa.

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos is obviously not the selfish politician who gets everything and anything fighting alone. Tinubu, on the contrary, fights with a team of faithful believers and proponents of change. Tinubu enters a battle sensitizing & conscientizing followers and usually, allows freewill and determinism guide the rules of engagement and relationship.

If politics is a game of number, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State has provided opportunities for a greater number beyond the princinct of Nigeria. He towers above contemporaries as a master strategist and life coach whose history of political achievements is unbeatable. I foresee a return of the masquerade. What the Yoruba call, “araba nturamu odo ngba rere” Tinubu of Lagos State that I know and studied closely for 20years and more will bounce back voicing for the voiceless. He is undettered in the struggle!

It is a lesson for every active political player not to rest when it’s not time. Not to feign either and create otherwise impression that all is well when the people have vested trust in you. The people are daily on a lookout, waiting promises and people-oriented policies that would take them out of squalor. The masses-driven advocacy with which Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State rose to stardom must be reinvented, accomplished and given practical effect regardless attempts to scuttle and undermine his competence. The coordinated attack against Tinubu only suggests few things:

That, by implication, he’s the Moses who must lead the Israelites out of the wood. Whether he will eventually take his people to the promise land depends on how he manoeuvres and manipulates his threatening but soaring relevance to world prominence as the number one citizen of Nigeria succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari in the game of power.

Except betrayed, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos State had already tarred the road to victory should the southwest be considered in the scheme of political arrangement.

Consequently, Tinubu is like a tree planted by the riverside whose leaf and fruit come in due season. The match has just begun!. Politics is not entirely dirty, but players are sometimes dirty. By that pre-meditated attack, the people wilfully think you have not done enough like the Biblical Moses and by extension, believe in your leadership. Hence, they run to you for rescue!. Take the bull by horn and act the message inherent in this supposed tragedy. It is, indeed, a tragedy of the ruled.

Olasumbo Faseesin Esq
Convener,Conscience Conscious Youth Patriot
Writing from Akure, Ondo State.

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  1. Mutumina says:

    Very true. Well said

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