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Genesis 31:34 KJV.
“Now Rachel had taken the images, and put them in the camel’s furniture, and sat upon them. And Laban searched all the tent, but found them not”.



☆☆☆ After Jacob had fled the house of his father in-law, Laban, the latter discovered that some of his “gods” (images) were missing. He therefore pursued after Jacob and caught up with him.
☆☆☆ Jacob was disappointed when his father in-law accused him of stealing his “treasures”.

■■■ Listen to Jacob 👇

_And Jacob was wroth, and chode with Laban: and Jacob answered and said to Laban, What is my trespass? what is my sin, that thou hast so hotly pursued after me? – Genesis 31:36._

“And the bible says 👇

_”For Jacob knew not that Rachel had stolen them”_ – Genesis 31:32.

☆☆☆ Rachel was the daughter of Laban married to Jacob.
☆☆☆ Rachel actually stole the “treasures” of her father. While Laban was busy looking for those them.

☆☆☆ The bible says, “and she sat upon them”.
☆☆☆ Even then, she was still sympathising and empathising with her father.

■■■ Listen to Rachel 👇

_”And she said to her father, Let it not displease my lord that I cannot rise up before thee; for the custom of women is upon me. And he searched, but found not the images” – Genesis 31:35._

☆☆☆ And Laban searched and searched but found them not because somebody “sat on them”.

☆☆☆ Beloved, the enemies may be sitting on the glory and destiny of some people without those people knowing.

■■■ Listen to 👇

A woman was pregnant and couldn’t deliver. She was rushed to the hospital and her mother in-law went with her.
However, the Lord, who sees and knows all things; opened the eyes of the doctor (a Christian) attending to the pregnant woman to see her mother in-law sitting on the pregnancy.
The doctor now went to the waiting room where the mother in-law was sitting and commanded her to stand up. She initially protested but the words of the doctor prevailed. She stood up and a black object was found which she had sat upon. The black object was opened and the pregnant woman delivered immediately.

●●● I decree, every agent of darkness sitting upon your destiny, the Lord shall unseat today in Jesus name.
●●● I paralyse every evil leg monitoring the progress of your life in Jesus name.
●●● The Lord will expose the secret of your household enemies in Jesus name.

■■■ Listen to another story 👇

A manager, in a particular organisation, had offended his messenger who now decided to hide the file of his boss under the carpet in the boss’ office. The boss was walking upon his own file without knowing it. Meanwhile he remained on the same level for 10 years because his file could not be found.
Somehow, he was transfered to another office and a new manager took over from him. This new manager now decided to change some furniture in the office, including the carpet.
This was how the file of the former manager was found and eventually promoted.

●●● I decree, every veil blocking the progress of your life shall be removed from today in Jesus name.
●●● I command every blockage on the road path of your progress to be uprooted right now in Jesus mighty name.
●●● I prophesy, the Lord shall relocate you today so that your allocation will locate you in Jesus name.
●●● I decree and declare, the enemy will not manipulate you to sit on your own promotion in Jesus mighty name.

■■■ Yet another story 👇

A very rich man died and in his will, he had stated that any of his only two children that he had (both twins and females); who could give birth to a male child first would inherit 75% of his wealth. This was because the man had no male child before he died.
Let us identify these two sisters as “T” and “K”.
Both twin sisters got married but “T” got pregnant and scan confirmed that she was expecting a male child. She was so happy because she remembered her father’s will.
Her sister, “K”, pretended to be happy but she was not. She now went to the herbalist to tie the baby so that her twin sister would not deliver.
Sister “K” was also the one taking sister “T” to every prayer house for “deliverance”. But one day, God intervened. God opened the eyes of a man of God they both visited and sister “K” was confronted with the evil she was doing to her twin sister. The power of God hit her and she confessed.
She actually confessed that she tied the baby in her twin sister’s womb to prevent her from inheriting 75% of their father’s wealth as contained in his will.
Sister “T” was delivered and she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.


1. Father, expose and disgrace every household enemy sponsoring the challenges of my life.

2. Oh God my father, release me from the prison where the wicked has caged my glory.

3. I unseat by fire, every known and unknown enemy sitting upon my success and breakthrough.

4. Every blockage standing against my lifting, be uprooted now in the name of Jesus.

5. I set ablaze every veil covering my glory in Jesus mighty name.

6. In the name of Jesus, I paralyse and cripple every leg matching upon my destiny.

7. Every manipulating power behind my travails, I unseat you now in Jesus name.

8. Oh God my father, expose every unfriendly friend pretending to be my friend and yet behind my travails.

9. Father, don’t allow the secret of any enemy behind the problems of my life to be covered in Jesus name.

10. In the name of Jesus, I unseat every strange spirit sitting upon my entitlements.


I decree, the Lord will disgrace every unfriendly friend attached to your life from today in Jesus name.

Those who are behind your problems and yet still sympathising with you shall the Lord expose and disgrace in Jesus name.

The Lord will separate you from those who will create problems and still be recommending ‘solutions’ for you.

I decree and declare, the heavens will locate your glory from where the enemies have kept them and release same to you in Jesus mighty name.

I command every blockage on your path to greatness to be dismantled and catch fire now in Jesus name.

By the authority of God in heaven, I unseat any power causing every form of delay in your life.

Go and possess your possessions in Jesus mighty name.

You are delivered and set free from today in Jesus name.

God bless you.

Pastor Olutimehin Isaac is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
For prayers and counselling, please call or send me watts app message on 08033916074.
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Happy Sunday Everyone.


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