Tinubu’s Supporters, Others Attack Activist, Aisha Yesufu Online For Saying Nigeria Has No President



Tinubu’s Supporters, Others Attack Activist, Aisha Yesufu Online For Saying Nigeria Has No President

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SaharaReporters on Friday reported that Yesufu while featuring on a Channels TV programme, said that Nigeria remained only a carcass of a country where life is short and brutish.

Supporters of President Bola Tinubu and other tweeps have unleashed an attack on human rights activist and co-founder of the #BringBackOurGirls movement, Aisha Yesufu, for saying that Nigeria has no president and that there is no country anymore.

SaharaReporters on Friday reported that Yesufu while featuring on a Channels TV programme, said that Nigeria remained only a carcass of a country where life is short and brutish.

Yesufu said, “There is no country anymore. As we are today, Nigeria is gone. What we have is a carcass and life is short and British. We are all on edge and we are the victims who a lot of people refuse to see coming to us and unfortunately, we do not have a president.

“We have someone who rigged himself into office, an illegitimate President and who doesn’t care. Anyone who is ready to do anything – snatch it, run with it to get into office.


“They don’t care about the people. There is no empathy, that is what we are seeing today. Nigeria has gotten into a place where you are not even sure that you are going to see the next day because you might be a victim, you might be taken away, even from inside your own house. That is where Nigeria is


Also, in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, Yesufu said, “Nigeria does not have a President. That’s the grim reality.”

Reacting to Yesufu’s post, a blogger and social media personality, Dr Olukemi Olunloyo, said that Nigeria has a president and that Yesufu’s post was being discussed at the Department of State Services (DSS).

She asked Yesufu to focus on herself and her family to avoid becoming a political prisoner.

Olunloyo, who asked Yesufu to leave Nigeria if she does not like the country anymore, wrote, “We actually have one. Aisha leave Nigeria if you don’t like it anymore. They are discussing your tweets at the DSS now. Don’t incite people. Focus on yourself and family. Don’t be a ‘political prisoner’”.


But Yesufu, who quickly fired back, said, “Kemi @Kemiolunloyo it’s been a long time you brought your nonsense to my TL. Welcome back.

“Please tell your so-called DSS contacts that they can’t do anything that kidnappers and terrorists are not already doing. Arrest me? I won’t need to pay ransom. Kill me? I was born to die. Leave Nigeria?

“The illegitimate President who forged his certificate and found to be part of drug dealing is the one that needs to leave Nigeria.

“Very pathetic mindset you displayed telling me to face my family. Why don’t you take that advice and face yours? By the way, my family is not made of cowards.”

In another post, Yesufu said, “Imagine the very pathetic mindset that makes you tell someone to leave the country because they said Nigeria has no President. Is a certificate forger found involved in drug dealing who rigged his way to be declared President and has failed so woefully that Buhari is even said to be better in less than 7 months a President?

“It is Tinubu that ran out of the country before that will run away again, not Aisha Yesufu.

“Terrorists just killed a young lady awaiting her university final results and you think at 50 I am going to be afraid of death? Am I better than those abducted and killed by terrorists?

“Na una dey fear Tinubu and DSS. I can’t waste my fear like that.”


She went further to say, “I rather be a political prisoner than a prisoner of certificate forgery or drug dealing. If Nigeria was a country with its act together, Tinubu should be in prison not Aso Villa masquerading as president.

“@Kemiolunloyo should ask the DSS discussing my matter whether they have been paid their allowances.”

Olunloyo, who replied Yesufu said, “Aisha Yesufu’s fans are abusing me well well. Anyone remember the tweet when myself and Omojuwa were the only ones monetizing tweets? Aisha’s fans are making me $18.75 daily on that tweet. This is why I always call Nigerians daft #SBNI Smart but not intelligent.”

But Yesufu said, “SBNI describes you better than the people you describe. I am glad to help you increase your earnings to over a thousand dollars daily. You desperately need it.

“Feel free to use my name to shore up your earnings. Anytime I don’t have anything more important to do, I will reply you.”

Another X user, @TaxDoctorNG wrote, “I was thinking the president would have you picked up. Anyone that supports you, should join you in jail. Dash you the attention, you’re dangerously seeking for free. Then I realized, you don’t worth one second of the president’s time.”

But not giving up, Yesufu responded saying, “I will gladly go to the prison. Those in prisons are freer and more protected than you are. Make use of the oxygen you breathe and ask them to do so. At least, I will not be paying ransom.”


Another X user, @jide_omiyale wrote, “You are going too fast than your shadow. All those praising you will never condemn the secret service when they arrest you. Keep it up, since na only one food you need, your family will keep supplying it but that exercise might not be allowed. Just keep berating the DSS.”


But Yesufu said, “DSS also called SSS is the most useless of security agencies in Nigeria. They only have intelligence when there is a planned protest and nowhere to be found when it comes to terrorists and kidnappers.


“I live in Abuja so they don’t need too much to arrest me. I eat once a day and need small space for exercise. I won’t be too much burden. If they decide to kill me, I have recently lost 20kg so my corpse will not be too heavy for them. Pathetic low grade intelligence agency.”


She said in another post, “DSS aka SSS did nothing when terrorists threatened to come and arrest Buhari, a then sitting President.


“The cowards only know how to brandish guns to protect politicians or come after unarmed protesters.

“The terrorists with AK 47s in the forests terrorizing Nigerians they are afraid to face.”


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