The price of Leadership : Banji Alabi Esq


Leading well is no guarantee a leader will be popular. In fact, there will be times where the opposite is more true.

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Leaders take people through change. Change is difficult, People at every level resist change , The special interest group and others profiting from the status quo , will resist change , using blackmail, intimidation, orchestrated attack , initiating and spreading false dangerous rumors, to discredit credible leadership

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Deng Xiaoping , the father of modern China, suffered the same fate, He struggled mightily to convince the Chinese masses to abandon the unproductive ,corrupt and failed economic policies of his boss and leader, Chairman Mao for years (as we are doing in Ondo-state today) .

But, Luckily for the Chinese ,they were wise enough to buy into Deng’s vision, ,which resulted in one of the fastest economic turn around the world has ever witnessed! Deng Xiaoping ‘s , progressive policies resulted in raising the economic output and living standards of the Chinese, so much so ,that 300 million formerly poor ,impoverished and illiterate Chinese, went to school ,became educated and technologically savvy enough to form a formidable ,informed , powerful and influential middle class and backbone of the current Chinese economic miracle.

Our vision is to recreate the Chinese miracle in our little enclave and create wealth for our people . We have alternatives to our poverty as a people — The ingredients of creating wealth is not hidden , it is known to us —- Today , other young men and women in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria are busy reshaping d world and spending endless hours for scientific discoveries and finding solutions to problems confronting humanity via advance science and technology, other youths all over d world have streams of income generating businesses— —But in our own case – people spend quality time in creating and spreading false rumors all over the place so as to bring down the change process that will eventually midwife the creation of wealth for our state .

History is replete with such examples of cynical, jaundiced and confused people fighting against their best interests. In psychology it’s known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome” ,a condition where the victim displayed unflinching adoration, and loyalty to his captor and tormentor ! For instance the Jews chose Barabbas over Christ and Baal over Yahweh! The Greeks sentenced Socrates and Pythagoras to their deaths, while the Sophists and other assorted charlatans were honored and cherished as the harbingers of truth and knowledge! That’s why the Hindus called our times, the age of Khali , where ignorance, political expediencies and machinations rule. the day!

Yes I can confirm that – Change is difficult, Change will be resisted , Change is almost never initially popular. — But a good leader must encourage himself in the Lord , He must remain unruffled and drive the change process to its logical conclusion via enlightenment campaigns .

The good news is that these situations of being misunderstood and discouragement shall pass away. Eventually ,and as history has shown ,the people would become more enlightened and Keyed into the change process . And as they become more enlightened, optimistic and aware of their fundamental rights to the opportunities, wealth and resources that nature has abundantly blessed them with , they will not only participate more enthusiastically and passionately in the change process ,but will vigorously fight for their God given rights to luxury living , thinking outside the box, right visions and the ‘know how’ to bring them what they truly deserve : Life ,liberty, luxury living and the opportunities to be the best they could be !

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