Russia- Ukraine Conflict: A Show of Force Between The Devil And The Dove



*Russia- Ukraine Conflict: A Show of Force Between The Devil And The Dove*

By Jude Chikadibia Onwunyirimadu, M.Sc.
Political Analyst.

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In the game of politics, be it domestic or international, what drives the actors are more of self interest in national politics or national interest in international Politics. However, these actors present their interests to represent the interest of the masses. This self-centered interest is usually displayed to be people’s oriented.


The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is nothing but a battle of supremacy between United States of America and Russian federation.

One who relies only on media reports on this conflict may end up supporting the Devil against the Dove.

The question is, what’s the interest of United States of America in this conflict?

US might present herself as the police arm of the world that’s seeking for peace and security of everyone, however this is likely not to be true, US involvement in most of its international engagements are for her national interest, either to protect her citizens, fight for their rights, protect her business interest, show of force, protect her ideology, seek “justice or rights” of her allies, etc

Just like US has succeeded in establishing alliances with South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia, etc, these relationships most times favours America more than her allies.

South Korea seeks US protection against her hostile neighbor – North Korea, this relationship has created an avenue for US to monitors NK excesses through SK territory and can easily invade North Korea through South Korean border if need be.

It’s the same thing with American’s relationship with Japan which serves as a close border check of China via Japanese territory. The case is not different in Saudi Arabia, the ability to influence what happens in the Arab world by romancing with the Saudi Arabian government and her Princes is another example of such alliance.

Bringing it down to Ukraine, before the disintegration of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991, Ukraine was part of the defunct USSR and America and her allies under NATO have been on a code war with USSR. USSR then controlled it Warsaw Pact (WP) while US on the other side pilots North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The current crisis in Ukraine is triggered by Ukraine’s indication to join NATO which Vladimir Putin considers as a treat to its national security. Putin fears that US is likely to establish its military presence in Ukraine territory under the guise of NATO since Russia and Ukraine shares land border.

However, under the United Nations law of non-interference in article 2.4 of the Charter, restricts the ability of outside nations to interfere with the internal affairs of another nation.

Russian federation sees its national security as being under threat if Ukraine joins NATO, this concern is genuine but she most seek for solution through any peaceful means and should understand that it’s the sovereign right of Ukraine to join any bloc for its own national interest and security. Russian federation should also bear in mind that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands, Vladimir Putin can not be seeking for Russian national security to the detriment of Ukraine’s right of choice.

On the side of US, the self-acclaimed Policeman of the world, can she tolerates Ukraine joining NATO if she’s to be in Russia shoes? What’s really American’s interest in Ukraine?

US interest might be to establish its military base in Ukraine as a means to check Russia excesses or its interest might be to protect Ukraine from its bullying neighbor and uphold United Nations Charter on non-state interference on another state’s internal affairs. Whatever their interest might be, one thing is certain – America cannot embark on military war with Russia for any of these reasons, it doesn’t worth it. The least US and her allies can do is to sanction Russia economically and a verbal condemnation.

Russia is a big head and cannot be cracked easily and US must understand that she can’t fight Russia militarily and goes unwounded. It will be like a war between a Lion and a Tiger; One must win, but the winner might not be healthy enough to celebrate victory.

US is a world power, yes; but can she fight Russia and her Allies like China, North Korea, Iran, etc even if she joins forces with NATO? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ukraine for now, should halts its decision to join NATO considering the fact that she has more to lose if Russia decides to engage aggressively.
Moreso, Russian federation should pull her troops out from Ukrainian territory in the interest of peace, while United States should avoid joining issues with Russia, by joining issues with Russia with threatening messages, this particular act proves to Russia that US has special interest in this conflict.

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Comments 4

  1. Kadi says:

    Nice analysis

  2. Kadi says:

    Nice view

  3. Chimezie Ezeahurukwe says:

    It’s heart breaking what’s playing out between Ukraine and Russia today. If the world had held USA and allies for the numerous and reckless invasion of territories, the world would have been a safe haven today.
    If the Russian security concerns were acknowledged and guaranteed their wouldn’t have been any room for this invasion according to what Moscow is putting out. My advice is EU shouldn’t risk this war in Europe as it’s going to be highly consequential on the entire world. Ukrainian President should avoid being too emphatic on it’s sovereignty at this point as Russia is already exhibiting a level of hegemonic tendency that can’t be matched on any scale with Ukraine unless he’s playing to gain himself sympathisers around the world who will only but watch and not do anything

  4. Norbert says:

    Judenson you really broke this ongoing fuss between Ukraine and Russia to a lay man’s understanding. Kudos!
    Norbert Obinna…

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