Nigerians Should Either Choose PDP Or Remain In Hell – Sule Lamido



Nigerians Should Either Choose PDP Or Remain In Hell – Sule Lamido

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Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has called on Nigerians to right their wrongs by choosing the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, or remain in the hellish situation they have found themselves in.


Lamido in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Friday, called the decision a “choice between two evils”.

“I think the choice is very narrow. You either join the PDP or you remain in your own hell. You see no matter how you analyze, what we have stolen, how dirty we are, we are better evil than the APC. Therefore, the choice of Nigerians are two evils; a very dangerous evil which is the APC and maybe a very saintly evil, the PDP.

“I was vilified, humiliated and called a devil. I went through all kinds of agony simply because I was trying to tell Nigerians about the APC and now, they are in power now and they are saying what.”

The PDP member also stated that the bad eggs that filled up the PDP have now defected to the APC, leaving the party devoid of selfish people.

Lamido also added that it is sad that the unifying factor among Nigerians currently is hardship.

“I always say this. Nigeria is a country so blessed and well endowed by God with the human population which is a huge asset. But then, somehow, there is something missing in us. In the last eight years of APC government, we have been through hell and we have been overwhelmed and now being pushed to the extreme. Now both the rich and poor man are all crying.

“For the first time, we have a common factor uniting us which is hardship. Something has to be done urgently. We have come to the end of our patience; our tolerance and we cannot even absorb anything again. We cannot take any further hardship.

“When you come to the end of the road, what else do you do? For how long will we keep relying on Godfatherism? Our leaders should be able to know that the country they are leading, there are no safe holes anymore. They are not safe, nobody is safe. Today, we have turned human beings into items of merchandising.

“You have to look at the character of the Nigerian people. To me, all the bad eggs in PDP are out. Abdullahi Adamu and others have defected to APC, leaving honest individuals like me in PDP. What we have now are the genuine honest and compassionate PDP people. Most of the people in the APC were all in the PDP and they are gone now and what we have now are the genuine, purer people who believe in Nigeria and are very sincere and who, no matter what, will stay in Nigeria and in the PDP.“

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