Keeping Imo clean is a collective effort


By Peter Dibia (08137847696)

A clean environment is a good ticket to be free from sickness and other environmental hazards, hence cleanness is next to godliness.

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Imo State is very unique and known for its hospitality. Since the creation of this great state, many leaders had ruled it with so many things to be remembered for, but despite their coming and going, Imo State still belongs to the people. Just like the airtime and data we buy expire so are those who occupy elective positions. This simply means that in actuality power belongs to the people.


For Imo State to be more clean and healthy there is need for collective efforts, not the government alone. Because neat environment is the concern of all persons irrespective of origin, age, class or status.

The importance of a clean and healthy environment cannot be relegated to the background hence cleanliness effects our individual and collective lives.

Truth be told, the government through those he appointed to help manage the waste management disposal have totally failed the people as debris is greeting everybody good morning in different areas of the state, flies dancing around like loosed masquerade dancing uncontrollably at Ogbaku Market.

Imo State before now is known for its cleanliness and healthiness given to its hospitality characteristics. But lately, the clean state has now turned a dirty abode. This is as a result of the waste management managers’ failure to do their work officially assigned to them by government.

One thing that baffles me, is the silent of those who suppose to be helping the governor to achieve his 3R mantra of Rehabilitation Reconstruction and Recovery of Imo State. The Secretary of the state government, Chief Cosmos Iwu, ought to be up and doing by defending the government especially in the area that concerns the people, because when the governor is not there as a result of his national engagement, there should not be lacuna in the government but obviously your guess is as good as mine, Ndi Imo.

The Imo State Waste Management Team under the leadership of Peter Ezeobi as the MD, obviously has failed in this responsibility saddled on him. Since his appointment indiscriminate refuse dump has littered streets of Imo State, breeding health hazards, scaring residents off the streets, dampening commercial and social activities. And he is so reluctant about it, doing nothing to save the situation.

Your Excellency, Ndi Imo are of the opinion that, the waste management should be considered by you and returned back to the ENTRACO office, because from the look of things, those handling it now are not fit for the job. I can not even remember when last Imo State observed monthly clean up exercise.

Health is wealth, an adage that speaks volume of a clean environment and state.

As a licensed driver with so many years of experience, you are, your Excellency, you cannot afford to allow a spear tyre to be a hindrance to your smooth journey of rehabilitating, reconstructing and recovering Imo State.
The healthy state of Imo citizens is very important and that is the reason it should be given much attention to.

The biggest advantage of managing waste materials is that it eventually leads to a better and fresher environment. But in situations where it is not properly managed, it becomes harmful to both the environment and the human body.

And that is the reason the activities of the MD of Waste Management in Imo State ought to be reviewed either through replacement or be called to order. Because all the major streets in Imo State are full of debris, as I mentioned earlier.

It is obvious your Excellency, that the waste management boss is either there to sabotage your efforts to make Imo the cleanest state as you promised Ndi Imo during your swearing- in ceremony or he is not competent enough to handle the assignment. As such should be replaced or call to order.

Again, your Excellency, governance is a tedious task hence you need capable hands that will help you achieve your goals of recovering Imo State and you should please consider to re- constitute your new cabinets not for any other reason, but for the continuous running of your administration and your healthy state.

Am saying this from chapter two of 1999 constitution as amended section 22 that says “the press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this chapter and uphold the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people”

The delay is long overdue and this is affecting the system badly. Imo State will be fully rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered under your watch that I know for sure, but do something urgently to maintain neatness and healthiness in the state.

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