Imo State University Owerrri And The Need for Total Purging 



By Peter Dibia (08137847696)
According to Prof. H. Mahmud Yunus, “Education is an effort that is deliberately chosen to influence and assist children with the aim of improving knowledge, physical and morals that can gradually deliver the child to the highest goal, in order for the child to live a happy live. This simply means that Education is a process.
Education is all when it comes to growth; it has no end beyond itself. Education is everything.

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One may be wondering why this piece, while some may ask, is it not too early?
In the eyes of the law, it is often said that he that goes to equity must go with clean hands. I have decided today, to let the world know the truth about Imo State University, Owerri, where I graduated from and its internally generated revenue.


Upon the assumption of office as the 6th elected Governor of Imo State, Governor Uzodinma promised to revamp the decayed educational system in the state. In achieving this, the Executive Governor invited all the stake holders in the education sector of the state to brainstorm on the way forward.

Imo State University, being the only state university in the state, has a large number of students, both indigenes and none indigenes . The desire of His Excellency Most Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma to revamp the institution will be effort in futility if the school system is not being purged and revamped with those whose academic records are sound with good academic track record. Being a student of this citadel of learning, I learnt a lot both from my lecturers , course mates and other students from different departments who shared their experiences with me. All the knowledge gathered thus far today have formed the yard stick to my journey to greatness.

Your Execellency, permit me to let you know that Imo State University, Owerri, which was rated as one of the best schools in Nigeria in the past, has today turned out to be a place where meritocracy has been sacrificed on the alter of mediocrity; where there is enough classroom but no chairs; where lecturers begin to lecture one week to exams; where sex is considered to be part of continuous assessments of students; sorting the best way to have A’s; where lectures who lecture from the beginning of the semester to the end are hated by the none serious lecturers; where position seeking has become a life style.
I could recall one lady from English and Literary Studies Department, name withheld, who came to me and was crying. When I asked her what happened, she said bro P, could you imagine that one of my lecturers told me to sleep with him if not I will not graduate. It pained me and that made us to pray and God did a miracle by removing the lecturer from the position he was in then and today that lady is serving her father land. To God be the glory. This is one out of many cases in IMSU.
Your Excellency, if I am to advise you please sir, seek outsiders to come to IMSU to restore sanity in the school, if not your efforts to give the students a qualitative education will be twarthed by this good for nothing lecturers.

Yesterday, I cried when I learnt that, this lecturers in this institution are being owed for three months without salaries. The internally generated revenue in this institution is enough to pay their salaries. One may ask how?

Every year, over 5000 students apply to IMSU through JAMB but unfortunately about 2000 to 3000 will make it. After the battle of JAMB by this students, IMSU will start the sale of post UTME form for #2000.
If it is 2000 students admitted, multiply it by #2000. It will be equal to #4m.
Then if it is 3000 students admitted, then the university will have #6m.
Assuming that out of the 2000 students admitted by IMSU, 500 of them came in by merit, the other 1500 students who got admission must have come in through supplementary at the rate of #10,000 per form, as IMSU supplementary portal opens a week after the conclusion of merit admission.
If you multiply the1500 students by #10000, you will have #15m.
Assuming it was
3000 students admitted and 500 had merit admission, if you multiply the other 2500 by the #10000 of supplementary form, then the university will have #25m.
The admitted students will now begin the process of formalization of their admission with the university.
The first step is payment of the acceptance fee of #70, 000.
If 2000 students pay acceptance fee of #70,0000, then the university will rake in #140m.
If 3000 students are admitted, if you multiply the figure by the #70,000 acceptance fees, it will give #210m.
Let’s then come to school fees. Assuming the total population of IMSU students is 10000, indigenes are 6000 while none indigenes are 4000, school fees for indigenes is #33,000. Multiply it by #6000, it will give #198m.
School fees of none indigenes in IMSU varies from one department to another and it is between #120,000 and 180,000. If we take an average of #150,000 and we multiply it with the 4000 none indigenes in the university, we will have #600m.
I am sure that in IMSU we have more than 10, 000 students both indigenes and non-indigenes. I stand to be corrected. Imo State Ndioma , if you calculate the foregoing revenue of the university through the students, you can now imagine how much IMSU management ought to have in the school account.
Seriously this only calls for the EFCC , ICPC and other corrupt practices agencies to investigate the Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Owerrri Prof. Victoria Adaobi Obasi, for her to explain why those working under her are not being paid up till now.

Your Excellency Onwa Oyoko, our dear Governor Imo State as a whole commended you when you continued with the programs and activities put in place by the former Governor Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. “Indeed you are a driver with lience to drive” but Your Excellency I am a little bit worried because the report of the investigative panels set up by Ihedioha to look into the activities of the various institutions in the state are yet to be announced. My Governor, the insight I have from an insider, regarding the report revealed that most of the lecturers in the institutions are not worthy to be called lecturers and most of them parading themselves as Professors are not, in the real sense. The insidet called me: “Peter can you imagine that some of them, when asked to come with their certificates for verification, some came with transcript as certificate while others don’t have NYSC certificate,” he laughed.
Your Excellency, for the sake of the future leaders of tomorrow, please call the panels to let you see the report, you will appreciate me later and my children yet to be born will be proud of their father.

When I was still schooling in this citadel of learning, Prof. B.E.B Nwoke who was the DVC adminstration then, in one of the functions where he represented the Vice Chancellor said: As a student for you to climb to the ladder of success, you must sow an act, that act will take you to a habit, that habit will make you have a character and finally that character will take you to your destiny. He didn’t stop there, he went further to say that the present leaders of today have failed this present generation, and as such should embark on 40 days fasting and praying for forgiveness.
Please our dear able Governor, I think you should declare 40 days of fasting and praying in IMSU for God to purge the school, corruption is too much there.

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