Hajj Pilgrimage: D£ath Toll Exceeds 1,300



Hajj Pilgrimage: Death Toll Exceeds 1,300

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Saudi Arabia Reports Over 1,300 Fatalities During Hajj pilgrimage Saudi Arabia Reports Over 1,300 Fatalities During Hajj The hajj pilgrimage has been marred by tragedy, with at least 1,300 pilgrims losing their lives, according to Saudi authorities.


The majority of victims, 83%, were unauthorized pilgrims without official permits, who braved scorching temperatures and walked long distances without adequate shelter or comfort.


The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has confirmed the death toll, which includes 658 Egyptian nationals. Among them, 630 were unauthorized pilgrims.


Other countries, including Jordan, have also reported losses, with 60 Jordanian pilgrims among the deceased.


The hajj, a sacred obligation for Muslims, drew 1.8 million pilgrims this year, matching last year’s attendance.

Despite efforts to raise awareness about the risks of extreme heat, the pilgrimage was marked by challenging conditions that exacerbated heat-related illnesses. Saudi Health Minister Fahd al-Jalajel has offered condolences to the families of the deceased and acknowledged efforts to improve hajj management.


The tragedy has cast a shadow over the sacred event, with diplomats and officials working to support affected families and improve safety measures for future pilgrimages.



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