Emerging Leaders Pass vote of Confidence on Buhari Salutes the Armed Forces, National Assembly



Emerging Leaders Pass vot of Confidence on Buhari Salutes the Armed Forces, National Assembly

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The group chiefly campaigning for the Unity of Nigeria against all odds; the Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) has praised President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law.
According to the National President of ELFON; Godstime Chukwubuikem Samuel, the new electoral law gives an open door to Nigerians to pick next leaders who can proffer solution to the difficulties challenging the Country.
Godstime said: “we the Emerging Leaders of Nigeria commend President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law.


“We also commend Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamila led National Assembly and indeed all Nigerians that insisted we deserve a new law that will guarantee fairer elections in 2023 and beyond.

I must also specifically applaud members of ELFON and the civil society for their continuous agitation for the passage and signing of the new Electoral Act.”

The ELFON President encouraged Young Nigerians to register and get their Permanent Voter Cards to cast a ballot in the 2023 general election.
“As Emerging Leaders of Nigeria today, we are saddled with the responsibility of supporting government in getting things right. The labour of our forebears in the Nationalist struggle of the pre-independence era — particularly, the struggle for our independence shall never be in vain.

The new electoral law provides an opportunity for all Nigerians to be part of the efforts to build a better future for a United Nigerian state.

“This new Electoral Act will bring us closer to having free, fair, and peaceful elections where people’s votes will count and where the majority will have their way and the minority will have their say.

“For too long, the old electoral law had been part of the problem. We can now seek to elect our leaders having in mind the current challenges facing our country
With a new Electoral Act, we can move on to debating real solutions to the problems of insecurity, job creation, strengthening of the economy, cementing national unity, and building a better future for all Nigerians.
That is why it’s with great joy that well welcome the news that Nigeria finally has a new Electoral Act.

The Emerging Leaders further commended the Nigerian Armed forces for defending the Nigerian territories against external forces and as well standing tall in ensuring that Nigeria’s democracy lives on. So far, the intelligence and operations unit of the Armed forces have been up and doing and we must commend the chief of defence staff and his service chiefs for taking the security business serious this time in history.

“Young Nigerians must support the Nigerian Armed forces.
Most Nigerian youths look the other way or even make justifications for the criminal terrorists when they kill members of the Armed Forces or, in the instant case, when our gallant officers encounter a mishap on their way to repel these terrorists and enforce order. The same set of youths would be among the first to raise all kinds of alarm and shout genocide, extrajudicial killings, arson and what have you, when security agents go on an operation to eradicate these criminal elements.
We must understand that these officers who are killed everyday, who sustain life threatening injuries and who are permanently disfigured in the line of duty are people’s children, fathers, mothers, brothers and breadwinners. Above all, they get into harm’s way for our sakes. Without what they do, none of you would be able to sleep in your houses.
I daresay that the life of one responsible officer of the law is worth 100 of that of a criminal and as young Nigerians (Especially the Emerging Leaders) we owe ourselves, our law and our nation a responsibility to expose criminals in our midst, if we don’t, and security agents find them out themselves, you might be treated as an accomplice and I won’t have any sympathy for you.
We must be patriotic now or never!
A United Nigeria is key for Nation Building and Development”, Godstime expressed.

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