Drama As Father Wipes Off Daughter’s Make-up On Her Wedding Day


Drama As Father Wipes Off Daughter’s Make-up On Her Wedding Day


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Our heritage reporter gathered that a video making waves on the internet has captured the moment a father wiped off his daughter’s makeup on her wedding day, allegedly because he “couldn’t recognize her”.


In the video shared on TikTok, the father was spotted using a handkerchief to forcefully remove the bride’s makeup.

The chief bridesmaid could also be seen on the left side of the frame, wiping off the nail polish on her hands.

Some Netizens who commented on the video and disagreed with the father’s actions, saying it was his daughter’s day, and he has no say in how she wishes to present herself, while others, going further, stated that if they were in that position, they would cut all ties with their father.



Below are the See reactions culled from social media:

@cindythompson448: Omg???? she must be so embarrassed.

@jklmoesha: I would never talk to my dad again and if he died I wouldnt even be at his funeral ???????? I would never let him do that on my wedding day.

@angelasamaroo919: this is her special day, why would you do that !!!!!

@jacoblee_007: That’s when a father is disciplinarian ????

@kclaudia22: I would go no contact with my dad, that’s my day.

@sharooo2020: this dad must be a teacher if you know you know.

@biiramanake1: this man needs to be Africans president ????

@duduzilefaithmacu: is this for real???????????????. imagine living with a father like that. this is so wrong ????

@orlahjumorekeh: A groom used a handkerchief to wipe off the red lipstick of his bride when they said you may kiss your bride????????????????????

@upsidedown307: Her wedding, her face, her body.

@praiseyo2222: her husband to be just sit down there with side eye????????????

@katusabegloria0: that will be the last of me that he sees.

@rd.ramela: Who ever thought that a father can ruin his daughter’s wedding.. ????????

@royal_lamongs: How comes no one notice the finger nail cleansing as well ????

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