Clever awareness of your Self-Worth as a youth of the 21st Century:Engnr. Okoro


By O J Ayeotan (Aluyo)

Engnr. Okoro is a man who has tender and laudable vision to hookups the banner of development in his community. He wants to see a bright future for the teaming youths and the people in Owo community. In an exclusive interview with Our Heritage Reporters, Engnr. Okoro said the youths needs to know their self worth so that they can be able to picture the future of their dreams.

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Can we meet you sir?


My name is Engnr. Olanrewaju Okoro. I was born into the family of Olusola Okoro who is a director in the Local Government Services Commission.
I started my elementary education at St. Michel School, Clark quarters, owo. I later attended Foundation International School along old Ikare-Owo road before I proceeded to Universal Primary School in akure where i obtained my Primary School Leaving Certificate.
I went to Federal Science and Technical Collegeollege,Ikare Akoko for my secondary education.
I attended Osun state University where I obtained my first degree in civil engineering and came out in flying colour. I later proceeded to Federal University of Technology, Akure in Ondo State, for my second degree.

As a Civil engineer I have worked in verious places before I set up my own company. I was combining work and studies with my uncle during my studies. After completed my studies at Federal University Of Technology, Akure. In year 2017/2018, I got a job in United Arab Emirates where I worked for 6months as projects manager 2.

When I returned to Nigeria, I set up my own company called Pridelakes Projects Nigeria Limited. I brought many friends on board that we were in the same Industry though, I am the CEO of the company. Thank God the company is growing and we are getting a lot of contracts.

Some people said the name “Okoro” is an Igbo name, can you clarify this sir?

This is the not the first time of hearing this kind of question, when I was in Uganda I met some group of Igbo guys , they stopped me and started saying ” my brother, my brother”and I told them that am not an Igbo guy, am from Owo local government area of Ondo State.
According to what I heard from my father, Mr. S.O Okoro because I have asked severally, my father said my grandfather late. Justus Faleyin Okoro he was actually the one that introduced the name maybe as a nickname and later adopted. Am not boder about the name because Okoro family is well known family in Owo

What are your visions towards the development of Owo youth?

As an individual I have had the opportunity to mingle and interact with many Owo youths, people like Gani Obanoyen, Yemi Obayanju , my brothers Engnr. Wande Okoro and Dr. Seyi Okoro etc, we interact and talked about Owo youths development and how to give back to the society especially the youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow.
My visions in Owo kingdom is that I want everybody to be self reliance. It glades my heart when I see the development in Owo. Thank God for the life of Our governor Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for bringing infrastructural developments to the community.

What Are Your Challenges With Owo Youths?

The youths in Owo need some orientations. They need to know that there is no free money anywhere we are all struggle to balance things. Many of our youths are just after the money, they don’t want to be empowered. If I should give someone money now , am I still going to give such person samething tomorrow? So our youths need proper orientations on how to aquire wealth so that they can be on their comfort zone.
Those we have helped so far, or empowered are people we have survey and see the seriousness in them and they know where they are going, I mean those that have the vision and the objectives.

Has you have been empowering Owo youths over the years, what have been the archievment so far?

Personally, I don’t like media publicities, I believed anything I do, I did them for God. It is between me and the person. I never for once uploaded my empoyment programs on social media, it was those that I have helped that do post the program activities on social media.
I can’t even remember the empowerments we have done over the years but let start with this year empowerments program. We have empowered the Fashion and Designers by given them sawing machines and generators, we have empowered people who are into Plumbing work, we give electrical equipment to electricians, barbing equipment to Barbers, pharmacy equipment to pharmacists, etc and we also gave out laptops and cameras to people.
We gave out all these equipment base on the evaluations we gathered through discussions with the apprentices’ booses to know how serious and regular they came to work.

Looking At The Political Thuggery In Owo , What Do u Think It Responsible for this?

Firstly let me thank the Olowo of Owo Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye lll , the governor of Ondo State, the people in governance and the security agencies for all what they have been doing to curtail the crisis in the community.
All these people calling themselves political Thugs, they don’t know their worth, probably they have lost hope, they have forgotten that those who use them control them because they control their lives with cash .
When you know yourself worth, and know where you are going nobody will push you around or ask you to join political Thugs. The youths should picture the future so that they can be in the future.
We need more empowerments from well established Owo indigens . The Owo indigens abroad should come home and established in the community so that they can assist the youths. If the youths have something to do, they will not have the time to do thuggery, they said an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. I think most of those guys are idle and it is not their fault, it is the system, the system is faulty.

If Elected Into Any Position In Owo and Ondo state, What Are Yourour Plans For The Youths And The Community At Large?

For now , am not thinking of contesting for any political post I want to develop my Community and empower the youths just to contribute my own quota to the community.

Although, am not new in politics, I have been following politics since 1999. I was actively involved in the last general election when my uncle Engnr. Wande Okoro contested for House of Assembly, I was part of the process.
I have also contested for Ondo State House of Assembly when I was given a free ticket to contest under Alliance Social Democratic but during that period I got an offer in United Arab Emirates so I have to suspended my political ambition.
If am elected to any political post in this state, the first thing is to work on the Information Communication Technology (ICT). Am going to liace with experts in the ICT industries to come down to Owo to train our youths. I will also work on sport, our community sport should be develop at least two or more Owo players should be among the Super Eagle players and foriegn leagues.
I will work on the private sectors and general welfare of the people, I will invite industries for developmental projects, I will reach out to many Owo people who are well established, we have them over the world, I don’t mind traveling to meet or writing them. The future of this town lies on our hands.

What Are Your Advice For Youths

my kind advice for the youth is that they should stop involving themselves in political Thuggry and cultism .They should know their self worth, they should keep the hope alive and also learn how to strategize.

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