Breaking: I Didn’t Step Down My Ondo North Senatorial Ambition For Ipinsagba Or Anyone Else— Gbenga Elegbeleye



Breaking: I Didn’t Step Down My Ondo North Senatorial Ambition For Ipinsagba Or Anyone Else— Gbenga Elegbeleye

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An erstwhile DG of the National Sports Commission and former member of the House of Reps Otunba (Hon) Gbenga Elegbeleye has said on Thursday that, he did not and will never step down his 2023 Senatorial ambition for the Ondo North District in the State.


Elegbeleye debunked the rumours making the rounds that he has perished his aspiration and stepped down for Hon. Jide Ipinsagba.

The astute politician in a statement he personally signed on Thursday, said he is resolute in his decision to stand for the Saturday Senatorial primaries, adding that he would not compromise his political objective for anybody or for any reason whatsoever.

Reacting officially to the rumour making the rounds, he said:

“It has been brought to my notice that there is a rumour making the rounds that I have stepped down my objective for the 2023 Senatorial ambition for Ondo North Senatorial District in the State.

“It was really disgusting reading the intellectually deficient piece by some paid desperados regarding my purported withdrawal from the Senatorial race. Nothing can be far from the truth, I’m contesting the election on Saturday and can’t be bothered by the antics of paid writers with psycho idiosyncrasies.

“It is unfortunate that such unfounded and fabricated falsehood could garner such traction and worse still that some could actually believe it hook line and sinker.

“For the avoidance of any doubt let me spell it out: I, Otunba (Hon) Gbenga Otolorin Elegbeleye will never, ever step down or compromise my Senatorial objective for 2023 for anybody or for any reason whatsoever. I further state with every fibre of my being that this is an iron-cast vow that can be banked by everybody.

“It is paradoxical that the fast-paced Information Age in which we live today that accords us all free and wonderful platforms to disseminate and share information as well as debate and discuss views and opinions without restrictions could be so debased and abused to the extent of perpetuating such damaging untruths of a deliberate kind, this is sad and utterly reprehensible.

“On this point, I want to stress and keep the record straight that I will defend the rights of all to have their freedom of speech and their right to criticise protected at all costs. Indeed, if the good people of Ondo North give me the honour of serving them in 2023, I will ensure that element of our democratic structure is strengthened and that room for healthy debate and constructive criticism is given its due to entrench our growing democracy in the larger interest of Ondo State.

“Once again, I want to state for the umpteenth time that my commitment to the good people of Ondo North Senatorial District and my determination to succeed in the 2023 Senatorial election will never ever be diminished by such cheap antics, juvenile, infantile or jaundiced stunts by any political neophyte or greenhorn with inordinate ambition.

“My focus on the real goal is unshakeable and my resolve for 2023 is intact. I salute the good people of Ondo North Senatorial District, I am in the race and I have no doubt that I will get the mandate of my people and offer them the true and quality representation they deserve at the 10th National Assmebly .” Elegbeleye stated.

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