ALTAR VERSUS ALTAR-PART 2 :Pastor Isaac Olutimehin


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☆☆☆ We said last week that an altar is a place of sacrifice.
☆☆☆ It is a place where covenants are made and renewed.
☆☆☆ An altar could be a positive or a negative altar.
☆☆☆ Jesus Christ died on the cross as a symbol of a positive altar.
☆☆☆ The devil corrupted that and created “crossroad altars” as a symbol of negative altars.

☆☆☆ Today, we want to look at the different types of satanic altars and how the devil and his priests are using those altars to afflict people.

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☆☆☆ Before we go into today’s message proper, I will like to explain a little more about satanic altars.

☆☆☆ If you are opportune to read part 1 of “Altar versus Altar”, please read this part 2 to the end. In case you miss Part 1, you can still access it on my page.

Pastor Isaac Olutimehin

The devil has counterfeited most things God had instituted to bless His people. For example, people offer sacrifices at crossroads and by so doing, they corrupt the cross of Jesus and this is a counterfeit.

No wonder the problems of many black people can be directly linked to evil altars.
The enemies go about to construct altars of affliction for many people and these altars have priests of wickedness ministering on them.
The devil has taught his people the secret of altars and they use it for destructive purposes.
You may wonder where the devil borrowed this idea.
Remember the Bible says that he had been with God right from the beginning.
He had seen the order of heaven and understood the way things are done over there.

So, the devil duplicates things and goes about to teach his disciples how to use them for negative purposes.
That is why I often emphasize that prayer against evil altars is not the gentle kind of prayers.
An evil altar is a place of evil transactions where many evil things like infirmities, demotion, failure, etc are accommodated.

And looking at the situation in our immediate environment, where some people do not mind going to any length to make money or harm their fellow human beings, we should understand that evil altars must be dealt with aggressively.

At this point, I would like you to pray the following three prayer points quickly:

  1. In the name of Jesus, I decree, every satanic altar erected against me and my family, be demolished now by fire.
  2. I refuse to be a prisoner of any local altar in the name of Jesus.
  3. I withdraw my image from the cage of demonic altars in Jesus name. Sometimes, sacrifices are made on evil altars in order to seal a contract with wicked spirits.
    Sacrifices are food given to evil spirits to enlist their support and this is why the Bible says that we should not eat things sacrificed to idols, because eating them would amount to eating at the same table with idols. Any food sacrificed to idols are given to demons and sharing food with demons means being in agreement with them.
    That is why you discover that sometimes sicknesses such as migraine, hypertension etc are not actually the problem. The enemy uses them as camouflage.
    It is against this background that Christians are advised to pray always when they are sick even when they seek medical attention.
    We should not forget that believers should rely solely on the Holy Spirit to fight their battles.
    When a name is submitted to any of these altars, it is in order to monitor and influence the life of the victim in a negative way. Many house helps, nannies, in-laws and relations that are brought in without prayers can be altar agents who supply information to evil priests ministering at evil altars.
    They value this information very much because it helps them to know which ammunition to use on their victims.
    These altars are also used as remote control devices to cause problems for people. Some of the weird things they do include rituals at crossroads in order to limit their victims for life.
    A person under the dominion of these evil altars normally loses his or her mind and can no longer exercise discretion.
    Such a person will be living in fear and will be experiencing nightmares and all sorts of afflictions.
    In the light of the foregoing, the kind of prayers against evil altars are not “a gentlemen” kind of prayers but rather, it is the aggressive prayer of command and prophecy.

☆☆☆ The devil has caged the destiny of so many people by manipulating them and subjecting the ignorant ones to patronize these altars for solutions.

☆☆☆ Let us now look at the various satanic altars, not exhaustive though.

    We know that some people put sacrifices by the trees, for example, oak tree, pawpaw tree, banana tree etc. Sacrifices found at “tree altars” are usually wrapped with white cloths. That way, a report is filed against a person and the case of such a person is handed over to the demons living in that tree, including witches and wizards. I was pastoring one of our churches in Abuja years back. After a morning program, our guard taking care of the church environment; came to me. The church has a verse land, part of it still undeveloped and very bushy.
    The guard asked me to follow him which I did. He took me to the bushy part of the church land and was pointing to a tree.
    On a closer look, I saw an object wrapped with white, black and red tread, nailed to the tree. My people call such “tira”. I knew what it meant. I called the prayer warriors to join me and we prayed. I detached the object and cut it open. What I saw amazed me.

The name of a woman was written on a paper with this statement, “as you travel to Lagos, you will never return to Abuja”. That curse was broken that day and I knew the woman was delivered.

Beloved, there are happenings in the spirit world which many people cannot see, that is why we must pray until things begin to happen in the spirit world. We must equally know that there is no extent to which wicked people cannot go to destroy their victims.

    Many people do not know that destroyers do not sleep. They are always busy operating in the forest at night doing different kind of evils with people’s names. Listen to this: Two men of God were travelling for a vigil in another state. Their vehicle broke down on a lonely road late in the night.
    They tried everything possible to make the car work but all to no avail.
    No vehicle was in sight. There was no network on their phone at that point, so there was no way they could call for help.
    They now resolved to sleep in their car till the following morning.
    Suddenly they sighted a vehicle coming from afar, they thought of stopping the car but later felt the passengers could be robbers.
    So they decided to remain in their car, pretended as if they had been attacked and dead.
    They locked the car doors. When the car got to their point, it stopped. The driver came down and drew near to their car. When he flashed his touch light and saw the way they threw their heads, he took them for dead men.
    He went back to his car, brought out a life goat with charms round it’s neck and started chatting incantations: “You Mr so and so, we do the same business together but you are becoming so prosperous and popular, thereby making me irrelevant, as I kick this goat into the forest, rise from wherever you are now and run mad into the bush”.
    He kicked the goat into the forest and ran inside his car and sped off.
    Those two pastors came out from their car, looked for the goat and reversed all the evils said against the victim.
    Immediately they finished doing that, they tried their car again and it worked. Assignment completed.
    This happens where the owner of the business is an occult.
    It could also be that some key members or the directors of the organisation are occult.
    They need to renew their covenants and as such, glories, destinies or stars of other staff members are required to service such covenants.
    This is why somebody can be working in such establishment, even though he is earning fat salaries, he cannot make ends meet.
    Sometimes, what is required to service or renew those covenants could be human lives. In such organisations, there is no year they don’t lose a staff through death.
    Don’t be ignorant beloved to think that this cannot happen in your own organisation because you believe your people are modern and civilised.
    It may intrest you to know that sacrifices can be found in educational institutions, hospitals, big companies, etc.
    This is the type of altar where they sacrifice people that are kidnapped. I know a brother who fell a victim of this terrible altar. When he woke up, he discovered that his son had thrown his daily guide into the dustbin and that was how he left for the office without doing his normal quiet time.
    On getting to the bus stop, somebody emerged from nowhere, slapped his chest and as a result he began to follow him. He was taken to a bush where there was a satanic priest with assorted human parts, which littered the surrounding of the altar.
    As they were preparing for him, the Lord told him to start praying in the spirit. As he began to speak in tongues, they became confused. When he saw that, he intensified the praying in tongues and before long they all took to their heels and he was able to escape. This is an example of a physical altar. Physical altars are where body parts of victims are sold for money rituals.
    Many demonic activities take place on this type of altar.

☆☆☆ We shall be spending some quality time on this type of altar.
☆☆☆ Many people have ignorantly fallen victims of “Altar of the tongue”.

John 6:63 KJV.
“It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life”.

☆☆☆ Jesus was confirming the fact that there is power in the spoken word.
☆☆☆ The mystery behind the spoken word is that it is a personality.
☆☆☆ There is life in the spoken word.
☆☆☆ It is a spirit being because it cannot be seen.
☆☆☆ Unfortunately, some people joke with the spoken word.

☆☆☆ We learnt in Part 1 of this stydy that every good thing God intends for man, the devil copies and corrupts. He corrupted the cross of Jesus and created crossroad altars.

The devil equally capitalised on this verse, John 6:63.

“The words that I speak unto you, they are life and they are spirits”.

The devil and his agents issue curses from the altar of the tongue.

There are some words we take as jokes and the devil stamps them.

☆☆☆ God himself doesn’t joke with His words.
☆☆☆ God takes our words serious too.

☆☆☆ Hear this, a woman was trusting God for the fruit of the womb and prayed, saying, God should give her a child so that people would no longer call her barren, even if that would be the only child she would have.
God answered her prayer and she conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. For 15 years she was running from one church to the other until she went for a program and there was a word of knowledge that there is somebody here, your prayer of many years ago that God should give you a child and none again to remove your reproach was the reason why you don’t have more children since then.

She was asked to go into a 3 day fasting and prayers to ask God for mercy and to reverse those words. She did and God had mercy on her and gave her more children.

Remember beloved, that the devil was once an angel of God before he was sent out of heaven. He was there when man and the world were created. He had been with God for a long while and so knew some things which he had corrupted today.

The devil knew the importance of the spoken words.

Let’s listen to the following stories to support this.

There are some tongues that are evil altars.

☆☆☆ Listen to this:
A cow about to be slaughtered was being led to the place of slaughter. Somehow, it broke lose and started disturbing everyone around. People were running and the cow suddenly entered the main road trying to obstruct the flow of traffic.
A commercial bus was coming, the conductor jumped down, went to the cow and spoke some words, immediately the cow “calmed down” and sat on the ground. The conductor picked the rope and handed the cow over to the handler.

☆☆☆ What do you think would have happened if such a conductor had an argument with someone who is not spirit filled and issued such words!!

☆☆☆ Another example will serve to explain this much better. Somewhere in Ondo State of Nigeria, a man boarded a bus and the fare was fifteen naira. He took the old one-naira note, which has the colour of the current ten-naira note and joined it with the normal five-naira note to settle his fare. The conductor did not discover this trick immediately, until after a long time during the trip. Eventually, the driver discovered it and demanded to know the culprit, but all the commuters denied.
The driver got annoyed, brought out a horn with a viper’s tooth and issued some terrible curses with it. He said the person who did it would bury his children, then he folded the old one naira and threw it into the bush, and as he was throwing it, he also added that as the note was being thrown away, the culprit would never prosper.
Of a truth, these curses began to happen to the fellow. He noticed that his brilliant son suddenly became a dullard. He then started to search for the driver and when he found him, the driver said he had thrown the thing into the forest and solution could only come if he could find it.
The man could not find it but he ran to Jesus and was delivered.

What did that driver do? He simply erected an altar of the tongue of curses against the man.

☆☆☆ Please watch what you say and cancel every negative word anyone speaks into your life.
☆☆☆ Don’t take words for jokes beloved, whether negative or positive words.



  1. Oh God my father, I destroy every demonic altar erected against the progress of my life from the place of my birth.
  2. Oh God my creator, I command the fire of the Holy Ghost to consume every evil altar where the progress of my life is being monitored.
  3. In the name of Jesus, I arrest and roast by fire all those evil priests in charge of these demonic altars.
  4. I command the fire of God to destroy whatever represents my image on the altar of the devil.
  5. Father, in the name of Jesus, arise and fight against all those agents of the devil bringing my case before these evil altars.
  6. Oh God my father, I cancel every negative word from evil altars of the tongue against my life.
  7. Oh you demonic altar of the tongue erected against my life, catch fire now in Jesus name.
  8. My father, my creator, I reverse every evil word spoken against my destiny in Jesus name.
  9. I command every evil tongue silently speaking against my glory to cleave to the roof top of the mouth of those evil speakers in Jesus name.
  10. I silence every evil tongue speaking against my star in Jesus mighty name.
  11. Parents, please pray this prayer, I reverse every evil word I have unconsciously spoken against the lives of my children.
  12. I reverse and cancel every evil word spoken from evil altars of the tongue against my children in Jesus name.
  13. Oh God my father, I withdraw my finances from the cage of evil altars in Jesus name.
  14. My life will experience positive changes henceforth in Jesus mighty name.


I send the fire of the Holy Ghost against every demonic priest sponsoring evil into your life.

I withdraw your name from the list of victims on evil altars in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I pull down every evil altar working against your success.

I render null and void whatever has been decreed and done on these evil altars against the progress of your life.

I stand as the prophet of God and as the mouth piece of Jehovah God to speak the words of life into every dead situation in your life:

I decree, your dead resources shall rise, live and blossom once again.

In this global lock down, I decree, declare and prophesy, there is a supernatural financial lifting coming your way.

To somebody out there, I decree, every negative word spoken into your life is cancelled right now in Jesus mighty name.

Those negative pronouncements you took for granted and considered as mere jokes, shall the Lord render null and void in Jesus name.

Every word spoken through a demonic tongue shall never become effective over your life in Jesus name.

I command that evil tongue to cleave to the roof top of the mouth of those wicked and evil people mounting forces against you.

Every word spoken from evil altars against you that have been having negative effects upon your life, is hereby uprooted right from its roots in Jesus name.

You will not become a victim of negative words.

Those evil words on a trial errand shall not succeed over you and yours in Jesus name.

Now I prophesy, every prophetic declaration that you have been standing upon shall become effective in your life.

Those positive and powerful prayers of your parents for you shall find performance in your life.

I am led to pray for somebody on a sick bed right now, I decree, declare and prophesy, that sickness will not take your life.

You will live to praise Jehovah God.

To somebody, whose faith can carry this, I prophesy, your situation is changing for better before the end of this month.

To another individual, I see credit alerts entering your bank account.

Remain blessed and refreshed in the wonderland of the atmosphere of miracles.

Pastor Olutimehin Isaac is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
For prayers and counselling, please call or watts app me on 08033916074.
You can also connect me on facebook @ Isaac Olutimehin.



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