How Saint Obi’s Marriage Caused His Death – Zik Okafor spills


How Saint Obi’s Marriage Caused His Death – Zik Okafor spills

Nigerian Filmmaker, Zik Okafor, has weighed in on the tragic passing of his friend and Colleague, Saint Obi.

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The actor, 57, passed way after prolonged illness. Reports claim that the movie star died since Sunday, May 6, in the home of one of his siblings.

On Monday, May 16, Actress Georgia Onuoha, took to Instagram, shared colleague and Saint Obi’s close ally, Zik Okafor’s comprehensive write up on circumstances that led to Former’s demise.

Zik, revealed how Saint Obi’s marriage to ex-wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor, cut him off his Nollywood friends, took him away from the movie industry.

“Between Saint Obi’s marriage and his death

It was this stardom that fetched him his much professed financially strong and powerful wife . And their wedding, that solemn ritual of love, would drastically alter the cause of his life and tragically yank him off the creative community that threw him up for the wife to capture and indeed conquer.


Their marriage was at best a dramatisation of love. It was quick. He barely told us that he found a wife. Then, the marriage happened. It was something of a mystique, only those involved understood the histrionics that played out .

None of us who were his closest pals, who walked with him through the crucible to the crest of his career in Nollywood, was invited. The distance between us and the guy I admirably called Saint of the Storm had begun. This gulf would widen with each year. We saw him perhaps once in a year after this marriage.”

The Filmmaker also claimed Saint never invited his friends in Nollywood for his three daughters’ christening or birthday.

Zik said it took Saint three years after marriage to return to his hommies in Nollywood, after his wife, who worked for topmost hierachy in telecom giant, MTN, accused him of being a Gold digger.

Their First Child Together
“And life actually seemed to have given him a fair shake of the dice. He dressed well, drove big cars and even his skin, in literal lingo, spelt wellness.

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