Just In : Group Resolved To Ensuring Nigerians In Sudan Return Home Safe.



Just In : Group Resolved To Ensuring Nigerians In Sudan Return Home Safe.

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Beckons on the Federal Government of Nigeria to fulfill her financial obligations with the bus drivers


The ongoing disruption of public peace in the Country of Sudan had left the Nigerians disturbed regards the safety of it’s Citizens resident in Sudan. The fall outs between two owned security outfits in Sudan resulted to it’s current misunderstanding which has claimed lives and properties of innocent residence.

The National Association of Nigerian Comrades *(NANC) in a press release sent to our heritage reporter on Saturday evening, has earlier called on the Nigerian Government to convey it’s Citizens back home which the productive and ready-to-deliver administration of His Excellency,the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has complied with making available, buses to convey the good People of Nigeria back home to re-unite with their loved ones.

As a follow-up to the actions of the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensuring,the full implementations of it’s promises, the NANC has noticed with dismay,the irregrettable acts of the bus drivers conveying the affected Persons. A reliable source and videos making round the social media had it that,the buses dropped half way around an area believed to be a desert with reasons of non being paid by employers(Federal Government)for the services thereby, endangering the lives of it’s passengers (Nigerians).

The National President of National Association of Nigerian Comrades (NANC),his Youthfulness, Comrade Ogbonnaya Chinwendu Emmanuel, while commending the Federal Government of Nigeria for the proactive steps initiated thus far to rescuing her Citizens from Sudan back to Nigeria. He further beckoned on the Government to give heed to the yearnings of the bus drivers and fulfill it’s financial obligations as believed to have entered with their employees(Bus drivers). Comrade Ogbonnaya who has been in the forefront of ensuring, Nigerians are unhurt in the ongoing situation in Sudan also wondered why the drivers could display such unprofessional acts capable of wasting the lives of the passengers under their watch pleaded, they should endeavor to convey them home and get their full packages of the agreement from the Government as lives are more important than the financial gravitations.

As the families of victims of social unrest in Sudan keep hopes high to welcoming their loved ones home, it’s very paramount,all hands are on deck to making the exercise, a successful one. Nigerians should please,as a matter of urgency, deploy all available arsenals within their disposals and assist the Federal Government in this exercise because of the lives involved, he averred.

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