Shun Circulation of Fake News on Social Media –  SEN. Ubanesse Igbeke Advises Nigerian Youths



Shun Circulation of Fake News on Social Media –  SEN. Ubanesse Igbeke Advises Nigerian Youths

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The estwhile Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial Zone and Former member of National Confab, Sen. Ubanesse Igbeke has cautioned Nigerian youths against using social Media to tarnish the reputation of honest and hardworking individuals but should rather leverage on the power of social Media and unite Nigerians across ethno-religious lines.


He appealed to the Nigerian youths to use the social media as a tool for Nation building rather than a tool for propaganda. He harped on the need for the youths to prioritise the peace, unity and progress of the country while making posts on the social media and thus desists from circulating unverified news and information which has the tendency to polarise the nation.

Sen. Ubanesse gave this advise in Abuja while reacting to recent political developments in Nigeria. He bemoaned the sad reality that many youths have been armed with media tools and deployed on social media by disgruntled politicians as tools for assaulting their opponents, defaming the character of persons who do not share the same political ideology, spreading propagandists and creating tension among Nigerians which on several occasions have had severe and negative impacts on people.

He expressed sadness that
political and ethic motivated crisis in Nigeria today can be attributed to unguarded use of the social media by individuals whose motive is to misinform Nigerians, sow seeds of discords, polarised the country through fake and uncensored false information in a bid to cause disunity, chaos, violence and ethnic chauvinism”.

In his words, he stated thus, “The use of social media have permeated all spheres of our national life, ranging from the security, economy, political among other areas but unfortunately, some gullible youths has allowed themselves to be used by unpatriotic and mischievous political elements whose stock in trade is to fan the embers of disunity, hate and suspicion aimed at polarising the nation along tribal and ethnic lines by desperate political actors in their bid to achieve a pre- determined ungodly purposes”.

“It is most worrisome that some gullible Nigerians consume the Information they receive through the social media without critically analysing and evaluating the credibility of the source of such information, Hence, they blindly consume the messages ‘hook, line and sinker’.

Sen. Ubanesse advised the youths to use the social media and promote healthy dialogues and conversation that will engender the peace, unity and progress of Nigeria rather than allowing themselves to destroy the same country which they hope to lead.

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