Just In : APC is in big trouble As Supreme court Declares Nwafor As Authentic party Chiarman



Just In : APC is in big trouble As Supreme court Declares Nwafor As Authentic party Chiarman

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The Supreme Court have been reportedly declared Daniel Nwafor as APC authentic chairman for Imo state.

The Implication of this court declartion is  that the national convention that produced Abdullahi Adamu and all APC candidates so far are null and void.

Daniel will now present candidates for only senate. As dates for state assembly and reps primaries are time barred following INEC guidelines.
Daniel Nwafor is of the Okorocha’s faction of Imo State APC

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  1. Y.O. says:

    Every four years since 1999, it’s now clear that Nigerian politicians are still illiterates, barbaric, corrupt, foolish, can’t adhere to simple rule of law, can’t read guidelines that they collectively agree to in their parties constitutions and they know the truth but manipulate policies & issues and all these lead to chaos, confusions and bloodletting. Even we have the president of Nigeria who should know better but always try to influence outcomes by imposing his candidate on his party. I’ve said it several times that it’s time for us to surrender our sovereignty to either UN or USA for maybe 15 to 20 years to produce another AND AUTHENTIC PEOPLES CONSTITUTION AND PUT NIGERIA ON THE PATH OF REAL DEVELOPMENTS.
    Any Nigerian wishing that jonathan should come back is a fool cos he was the second worse president, then illiterate uneducated buhari came who deceived us about change but his real intention came out as a fulani/northern agenda thereby becoming the Inglourious worse president.
    To millions of Nigerians if you can’t speak out through constant demonstrations of bad policies and governance, we all will continue to groan forever.

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