IGIS seals three Hotels in Imo, threatens to punish non complying Land users.



IGIS seals three Hotels in Imo, threatens to punish non complying Land users.

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The Agency in charge of Land and occupancy in Imo State, Imo Geographic Information Service (IGIS) has sealed up three Hotels over non compliance to the Imo State government’s order.


The team led by Mr. Chibuike Obi alongside security personnel on Tuesday, the 24th of May 2022, sealed up three Hotels in the state, GRANDHIT HOTEL which the agency said was not designated for an Hotel, Benzin Hotel for ignoring the IGIS contravention notice and OCHEZ HOTEL sealed for change of purpose, according to the agency, the building was originally a residential one before being turned into an Hotel building without proper permission and documentation.

The Agency frowned and told the press that most buildings and businesses had derailed from their original plan, and could engage into other dangerous or hazardous ventures to the detriment of the government and other environs.
Mr. Obi Chibuike, the team leader described the Hotel owners as being negligent over every steps of the agency, ranging from the demand notice to the contravention before sealing the property. He further stated that the agency is one that does not charge any occupant money if the needful is done, that IGIS is never a tool for witch-hunt,

in his words “If all these occupants comply with government order, to present the required data to Imo government, there will be no need to seal anything but our people here prefer it the forceful way, which is not our wish at IGIS” he posited.

Mr. Henry Dike, an IGIS administrator, stated that the office came into establishment under the law number 3 of Imo State, in May 2021; the power gave IGIS the authority to operate in Imo State and oversee every affair involving Land and land usage.”we have found out that most residential areas have been converted into Hotels, some other properties are being used for other purposes different from that in the government database. We are here to help the people to help themselves” He continued, “as far as your business has to do with land use in Imo State. Some didn’t have the required documents which led to contravention, after ignoring the contravention, then their properties are meant to be sealed according to the law. And this act is practiced every state in Nigeria.

Mr Henry pleaded with property owners in Imo State to identify with the agency and government order, to do the needful in order to save themselves from embarrassment, he opined that it is in their interest, as the data collection will make all to ‘know their neighbors’, More so, cob insecurity in the state.

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