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Psalm 22:1-2 KJV.
My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?
[2] O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent.


☆☆☆ Our main scripture today sounds like the voice of someone who is experiencing limitations in life.
☆☆☆ It is like the voice of someone who has been knocked down several times over in life.
☆☆☆ God is sending me directly to a particular individual this morning.

☆☆☆ You might have laboured and toiled so much but nothing to show for your efforts.
☆☆☆ You have been trusting God for a particular miracle but no testimony yet.
☆☆☆ You have prayed and asked God to remove your reproach but it’s like God has forsaken and forgotten you.
☆☆☆ You are probably at the verge of giving up right now but thank God you are reading this prayer message.
☆☆☆ Your breakthrough is on the way, please don’t give up.
☆☆☆ Remember: BREAKTHROUGH means you must break barriers and limitations in life for you to go through.

☆☆☆ The man who will breakthrough must note the following ?

*1. There is a path that leads to destiny fulfilment that a man of destiny must take.*

☆☆☆ If Joseph was not sold to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt, he would have been left without fulfilling his dreams.
☆☆☆ If the wife of Portiphar didn’t lie against Joseph, he would have been far from fulfilling his destiny.
☆☆☆ Your challenges are signs that you are on the road part to fulfilling your destiny.
☆☆☆ Be focused and keep moving on. You will soon testify.

*2. Delay is never a denial.*

☆☆☆ That Sarah and Hannah were delayed didn’t stop them from becoming mothers of their own children.
☆☆☆ Your current delay is not a denial.
☆☆☆ Your miracle will soon become manifest.

*3. If a process is not complete in your life, you cannot fulfil your destiny.*

☆☆☆ Jesus was destined to die for mankind on the cross of calvary so that man could be reconnected back to God.
☆☆☆ At a point, Jesus himself thought that his father had forsaken him.

“And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” – Matthew 27:46.

☆☆☆ Keep your faith alive beloved and don’t give up.
☆☆☆ You will surely testify.

*4. At the darkest moment of your life, God will show himself strong.*

☆☆☆ The 3 Hebrews would have thought all was over while they were being thrown into the fiery furnace.
☆☆☆ However, the fourth man himself (God) was waiting for them inside the fire. Read Daniel 3:19-25.
☆☆☆ God may be waiting at the peak of your challenges before your miracle will manifest.

*5. At the end of every tunnel, there is always a ray of light.*

☆☆☆ The problem with man is the fact that he is too overwhelmed with darkness sorrounding him inside the tunnel that he is not aware of the light shinning at the end of the tunnel.
☆☆☆ It may be dark all around you now beloved, surely, there is light at the end of your tunnel.

*6. God is closer when he seems too far away.*

☆☆☆ Follow ?story and be encouraged:
☆☆☆ God made a covenant with a certain man that he (God) will always be with him in all his journey through life.
☆☆☆ God was faithful to his promises.
☆☆☆ However, on getting to his destination this man decided to look back and see how his walk with God had been.
☆☆☆ He discovered there were two foot prints on the ground during his happy moments.
☆☆☆ He concluded that those were his footprints and that of God. He was right.
☆☆☆ Surprisingly, he discovered that there was only one footprint at the peak of his trying and darkest periods.
☆☆☆ He now questioned God while he must abandon him at the critical moments of his life.
☆☆☆ God replied and said, “I walked side by side with you during your glorious and happy moments”.
☆☆☆ “That was why you saw two footprints on the ground”.
☆☆☆ “However, when the storms of life came, I carried you on my shoulder”.
☆☆☆ “The only footprint you saw was my own”.

▪God is with you beloved.

*7. God will not share his glory with any man.*

“I am the Lord : that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images” – Isaiah 42:8.

☆☆☆ When God is about to take you to a greater level:
☆☆☆ Everything will go crazy.
☆☆☆ People will disappoint you.
☆☆☆ You will be left all alone,
☆☆☆ In that very moment God will be your only source.
☆☆☆ And he alone will take the glory.


1. Oh God my father, show yourself strong at the darkest moment of my life.
2. My father, my father, turn my apparent delay to delightful moments in Jesus name.
3. Father, the challenges of life that stopped my parents will not stop me in Jesus name.
4. Father, give me a testimony that will shock those who think God has forsaken me.
5. I am breaking limits. I shall no longer be limited.
6. Oh God my father, don’t allow me to give up at the verge of breakthrough in Jesus name.
7. My father and my God, let my own assigned destiny helpers locate me this season in Jesus name.


I pray for you today, you will not walk the wrong path of destiny fulfilment in Jesus name.
I prophesy, your delay is turning to delight from this moment in Jesus name.
May you complete the process the Lord is taking you through successfully in Jesus name.
I decree, declare and prophesy, at the darkest moment of your life, the Lord will show himself strong in Jesus name.
I prophesy, the Lord will take you out of that tunnel you are in right now in Jesus name.
I decree, declare and prophesy, you are receiving a miracle this season that will prove the presence of God in your life in Jesus name.
I pray for you today and I prophesy, help is coming your way in Jesus name.
A testimony is coming your way that will reassure you that God has not forsaken you in Jesus mighty name.
You are breaking limits.
Protocols are being broken for your sake.

Happy Day.
God bless you.

Pastor Olutimehin Isaac is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
For prayers and counselling, please call or send me watts app message on 08033916074.
You can also connect me on facebook @ Isaac Olutimehin.
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God bless you all.

▪If you are being blessed by my online prayers and messages and you want to join my partners in supporting this work, you are most welcome.
▪You can be sure that I will constantly be praying for you.

*▪My account details: Pastor Olutimehin Isaac. 1428616202. Access Bank OR 2360995657. Zenith Bank.*

God bless you.

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