Nigeria will fall apart if Nnamdi Kanu Dies In Prison — IPOB Declares



Nigeria will fall apart if Nnamdi Kanu Dies In Prison — IPOB Declares

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Nigeria will fall apart, according to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), if Nnamdi Kanu, their leader, passes away while being held captive. The pro-Biafran group expressed its disappointment in the United Nations, European Union, African Union, and ECOWAS in a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, for remaining silent while the Federal Government had kept its leader in custody for nearly two years.


The group claimed that the Supreme Court was biassed in its handling of Kanu’s case and that the Federal Government, which “wants our leader to die in detention” due to his poor health, was working with the top court to achieve this goal.

“It’s also conceivable that the DSS gave Kanu a slow-acting poison, which is why his condition keeps getting worse and worse until he eventually dies. The constitutional court declined to hear an appeal from Kanu’s attorneys regarding his failing health, which we believe to be part of a plot to assassinate our leader, according to the Nigeria Supreme Court. Instead, the Supreme Court extended the case of an innocent man that the Justices of the Appeal court had dismissed and exonerated by a wickedly long four months.

It appears that international organisations and her affiliate human rights organisations are keeping silent about all of these violations of human rights and legal processes

“As our leader’s condition worsens, the Federal Government defies court orders, and the rest of the world keeps quiet about this crime, IPOB will do everything in its power to prevent our leader from passing away in custody. According to Kanu, black people as a whole must be free. The criminal Kanu is not. Neither is he a terrorist nor has he ever been connected to the treasury looting that Nigerian politicians are notorious for.

“We are warning the international community—and the African Union in particular—not to hold IPOB responsible for any consequences that result from Nigeria’s ongoing defiance of national and international law in the present situation involving Nnamdi Kanu. Advertisements IPOB “We want people to recognise that IPOB is nonviolent but that we have a right to self-defense. Tigers are not cowards, despite their gentleness. Violent revolution is inevitably brought about by those who prevent peaceful uprising.

In order to prevent Nigeria and its leaders from falling into Biafra’s hands, IPOB prayed that the Nigerian government would act swiftly and decisively.

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