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Ivo Local government Akuabaraoha youth Assembly member, Comrade Richard Egu who once served Ebonyi Commisoner for information in an interview with our heritage reporter thrown up his mind on the areas at which Nigeria problems emerged and the major panaceas to the country problems.


Below are the interview questions from our reporter and practical response of Comrade Richard Egu

*As been called by many… Nigeria is a Nation inside a Nation, then can we say this subject is the major problem of Nigeria?*

*Based on your personal view can you highlights major Nigeria problems?*

*What’ are the excape roots and sole remedy to the itemized problem?*


The avalanche of the problems and issues we are facing in Nigeria as a Nation is linked with the multiple ethnic groups that comprise the Nation called Nigeria.

Nigeria as a Nation have over two hundred and fifty ethnic groups and more than five hundred languages that makes the country a whole, then if Government of the day is not giving attentions, full recognitions or what belongs to a certain regions to them ,the challenges we are facing as a country will continue to be stronger against the will of the State.

The core issue is lack of recognition and sense of marginalization of some geo political zones stand as part of the major factors igniting the problems of Nigeria.

No wonder many have been clamouring for restructuring,though under the federal system of government initially we practice regional system of government, if this is back on Board, people will have access to develop their region on their own via the resources in their areas.

The Governor of Ebonyi State Chief David Umahi once oppined that we should have six vice president to oversee each of the six geo political zones and one president at the centre. this will make all region to be fully represented at the top, egalitarian system will be in place where each and every one have equal rights not untill then we can have panaceas to the problems we face in the present day Nigeria.

And for us to grow as a Nation we must give good Governance a place, we should make selection of those that can represent us by merit, we should give meritocracy a chance to take it place, this will help in a long way ,not just by ethnic base,strata, familiarity and what have you rather than merit.

Like we use to see today, people are been appointed into positions on the basis of who you know, if we want to grow and develop, the right thing should be done,

We should give meritocracy a place, we must however give recognition to the youths, the youth participation in government is bane to numerous social vices seen in various communities, the youth knows the language of his follow youth. we have many promising Nigeria Youths that can perform creditably well if given opportunity, they must be given opportunity to grow and contributes their own quota for the development of the State

*”What’s your advise to Nigerians as the 2023 general election is closer to the door”*

*Did you see one Nigeria existing beyond 2023?*

We must accommodate other regions, there is need for south east region to taste the seat at Aso rock come come 2023 general election, we need south easterners to contribute their own wealth of knowledge in the leadership of the Nation.

I shall continue to State categorically, that the executive governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE has been a cynosure in governorship, a pragmatic and institution of good governance. Can replicate more of his success stories if chance been given in the helm of leadership affair in Nigeria.

For us to have one Nigeria we must build up on equal rights for all regions, thus the pedestal for One Nigeria rest on the full recognitions of the South-easterner to drive this nation to a new height.

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