NASS Leadership; Tinubu hasn’t endorsed anybody – House of Reps Speaker Aspirant



NASS Leadership; Tinubu hasn’t endorsed anybody – House of Reps Speaker Aspirant

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A frontline aspirant for the position of the Speaker of the 10th Assembly, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi on Tuesday disclosed that the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not aware of the ongoing plot to impose Hon. Tajudeen Abbas and Hon. Benjamin Kalu as preferred Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly.


Hon. Gagdi who gave the indication during a media chat with parliamentary correspondents in Abuja, explained that all the aspirants for the position of the Speaker who formed the G7 coalition are not against anybody but stand for justice and equity.

He said: “That is why we kept attacking, challenging the party. It is the party that issue the thing. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has promised that he will reward loyalty and commitment. He won only one Local Government in Kaduna State out of the Local Government – Birnin Gwari. In a state where you won only one local government you are giving speakership to that state.

“I think it negates the principles of the President-elect. What the party did has contradicted the promise and commitment and way of politics of Tinubu. Because he looks at what you bring to the table and rewards you.

“We are not against anybody. We are not even against the President-elect, because as far as we are concerned, we have not heard anything from him. We have not heard anything from him whether he has zoned, whether he has endorsed a particular candidate,” Gagdi said.

When asked whether the Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima and the party’s anointed Speaker, Hon. Abbas has reached out to him, he said: “Up till today, I don’t believe that what is happening the President-elect is aware of it. Or it is his own idea. No.

“I don’t think Tajudeen Abbas even has my number. I don’t think so. I don’t think he wants to get it. If he says he is reaching out to us, tell him I said he is not reaching out to us. And I’m not using this to plead that he should reach out to me.

“For the VP, yes. He is my father! I think I reached out to him. Before he made this comment, there was an appointment that I was going to meet with him and he didn’t tell me to step down.

“I met him as a political leader of the North to equally tell him my intention to contest for Speaker because hitherto to this moment I’ve not officially declared that to him and I told him and he prayed and wished me well.

“So, if there’s any engagement regarding who becomes Speaker, whether reaching out to us support Tajudeen Abbas, I’ve not discussed that with the VP yet,” Hon. Gagdi said.

While responding to questions on the decision of the party, Hon. Gagdi, Chairman, House Committee on Navy, vowed not to respect any decision that negates equity and justice, saying: “I won’t respect party supremacy when it is against injustice. Why am I elected in the National Assembly? I am elected to represent Nigerians and to ensure justice. Then the party that I seek election under its platform will be aiding and abetting injustice and you expect me to respect that supremacy?

“I have analysed these things to you that even the deaf and dumb agree that there is injustice and then you are talking about party supremacy. What are they talking about? Have you heard anybody from the North Central zone talking about party supremacy?

“Let them say it and see whether they would not sacrifice their political future in the North Central zone. North Central Governors and elected officials met and what was their resolution?

“Even our Governors are saying, yes they are loyal to the party but yet justice has not been done to us. I am a loyal party man, perhaps those people saying that have not done what I have done for APC to win,” Hon. Gagdi noted.

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