MOHBAD: Mohbad’s Wife narrates before coroner, reveals how Mohbad died



MOHBAD: Mohbad’s Wife narrates before coroner, reveals how Mohbad died

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Mohbad’s Wife narrates before coroner, reveals how Mohbad died
Cynthia Omowumi Aloba, the 24-year-old wife of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, testified before the court on November 7, 2023, narrated before coroner, revealing how the artist died.


Cynthia Omowumi Aloba appeared at the Candide-Johnson Court House in Ita-Elewa, Ikorodu, where she underwent five hours of intense questioning concerning her husband’s death.

This development follows the coroner’s inquest conducted on October 25, 2023, during which Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, made revelations to the court regarding alleged infidelity on the part of Wunmi, Mohbad’s spouse, during his lifetime.

Speaking about Mohbad’s demise, Wunmi narrated, “I accompanied Mohbad to the Ikorodu show with our son, Liam. Primeboy was also with us in the same car. We arrived at approximately 7 pm, and Mohbad performed at 9 pm. I sat in the car with Liam. After Mohbad finished his performance, he attempted to enter the car, but his fans surrounded him, screaming his name. He took out N100,000 and gave it to them, but they still didn’t disperse. So, he instructed someone to call a bouncer to clear the crowd.”

Before the bouncer arrived, Mohbad and Primeboy entered the car. I sat in the middle between them. As the fans continued to demand more money, Mohbad sent his younger brother to get more cash for them. However, his brother took a long time to return, infuriating Primeboy. He scolded Mohbad’s brother, who responded with insults. This escalated into a heated argument between Primeboy and Mohbad.

At one point, Primeboy told Mohbad to “shut up,” a statement that enraged Mohbad.

He got out of the car, walked over to Primeboy’s side, and opened the door. I also got out to call the other guys who had accompanied us in the second Prado to intervene in the fight. When I returned, a crowd was already attempting to separate them, and I noticed a wound on Mohbad’s hand. They told me he had punched the glass window of the Prado.

After the incident at the show, we returned home. I was upset with Mohbad for his behaviour at the event, so I went to my room. Mohbad came to my room to apologize and explained that he didn’t like how Primeboy had spoken to him. We resolved the issue, and I asked him about his injured hand. It appeared to be only a minor scratch, and I applied some ointment to it. However, we had a small argument later.

Mohbad inquired about the progress of mine and Liam’s passports, and I informed him that the processing was not yet complete. This upset him, and he blamed me for the delay. The next day, his hand had become significantly swollen, so we decided to call a nurse. Mohbad’s personal nurse wasn’t available, so Ayobami, Mohbad’s friend, called his own nurse, Feyi. As Feyi examined Mohbad and treated his hand, I was in and out of the room while preparing food in the kitchen.

I witnessed the first injection, but when she administered the second one, I was in the kitchen. After a few minutes, Mohbad asked the nurse to remove the drip because he wasn’t feeling well. He rushed to the bathroom, and we poured water on him. Then he began vomiting. His mechanic was outside, working on his car. I hurried to the mechanic to ask if we could use the car to take Mohbad to the hospital. However, the mechanic said the car wasn’t roadworthy. I started calling for help outside, and someone offered to take him to the hospital.

We didn’t rush Mohbad to the hospital earlier due to his hospital phobia, stemming from a previous experience with the NDLEA where they had given him something that caused him to end up in the hospital. He was terrified of hospitals, to the point that when my delivery was due, he wanted me to give birth at home to avoid going to the hospital. As Mohbad’s condition deteriorated, and he began vomiting and feeling weak, I screamed for help, and someone offered to drive us to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, it was me, Mohbad, Mohbad’s cameraman, and one other person in the vehicle with the driver. We were in the back, with Mohbad struggling to stay conscious. The driver extended his hand to the back and held Mohbad’s hand, remarking that it was very cold. We encountered heavy traffic, so we had to stop a motorbike. One of the guys accompanied Mohbad on the bike, while I took another bike and followed them.

We reached the hospital and rushed him inside. Doctors and nurses immediately attended to him. After about 15 minutes, the doctor emerged and conveyed the devastating news that Mohbad had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. Just hours earlier, we were having a conversation. I couldn’t comprehend what had caused his sudden demise. I had already called Mohbad’s cousin in Ajah, and he arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later. We hurried Mohbad to another hospital, where the doctor confirmed that he had been brought in lifeless.

Credit: Tribune

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