Just In : Local Government Chiarman empowers People with over 50 Cars



Just In : Local Government Chiarman empowers People with over 50 Cars

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In keeping touch to his objectival mandate of bettering the life standards of ivo indigenes, facelift and changing the status quo of spoilt system in play in our contemporary political society, making a difference in match to democratic dividend and benefits in the grassroot polity, numerous projects and achievements has been bagged and sealed since emergence in total submission to the will of God and priorities of the people.


It is an utmost bewilderment to humanity for this administration that has the backing of God to propelled a force of “unprecedented results” all fronts in less than a year of operations therefore, the high dimensional consistency seen and witnessed in execution of projects, empowerments, alm giving and welfares got people wonder with strong question to ask WHERE IS THIS CHAIRMAN GETTING HIS OWN MONEY FROM?, as rhetorical as the question maybe, the reality remains the topmost desire to achieve more than expectations specially in scale of preference order.

Having created and recruited more than 100 personnel’s offices within the local government with the minimum wage salaries, Add on and incentives to motivate his workforce and build a strong bridge of management, the wonder working chairman yet more set atmospheric joy in raising the hope of his people by doing what a layman can never thought will exist in local government administration.

Boom, unthinkable became a reality, the ordained Man of the people, the Anchor of Peace, A wise teacher and dispute resolver, the Executive Chairman of Ivo LGA, Hon. Chief Emmanuel Ajah Ogbonnaya (Confirm) became the first political office holder, philanthropist, humanitarian to wheel over fifty (50) cars to his people and made over 50 personnel officers a car owner.
Thus, a Messiah in the upper echelon of ivo local government administration has graciously been: Viz

  1. 1st executive chairman to gift cars to all his ward Counsellors

  2. High model car to his V.c

  3. To various Security Personnel’s and Neighborhood Watch Commanders
  4. Bus, Cars and Sienna’s to Critical stakeholders in day to day running of the local affairs

The people of ivo local government has seen a millennium leader dispensing a rare quality leadership, hell-bent he shall achieve more.

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