Just In : Local government Chairman Build, Commission ultramodern High Court in Ebonyi



Just In : Local government Chairman Build, Commission ultramodern High Court in Ebonyi

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It’s indeed getting better as days progresses in this present Administration where the youth has taken predestined centre stage and proven every reasonable doubt, that ivo local government must be taken to a greater height and working tirelessly to sure achievements.


As Parts of the Chairman avowed determination to make ivo LGA an epicentre of good governance in Ebonyi State specially in ranking 1st in Infrastructural developments, Security Network, Economic growth, Road Network and Basic amenities, has effortlessly shown remarkable efficiencies in delivering results. Factually, Hon. Chief Emmanuel Ajah (Confirm) is a seasoned leader, his reliability is topnotch.

For record purposes, the
High Court building before the emergence of this administration was completely abandoned or everlasting forgotten by some political actors who has the mandate to renovate and make it usable for discharging of “Court Proceedings” in good condition rather left the exalted High Court building completely dilapidated, in deplorable condition that halted assigned lawyers from carrying out their civil responsibilities effectively. its unfortunate that the dilapidated magistrate Court was recklessly abandoned and turned to a criminals hideout especially in late hours of the night where crimes activities are planned before execution.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
Somewhat, the emergence of Hon. Chief Emmanuel Ajah as the most youngest Executive Chairman of Ivo local government witnessed a High Court holding “Court Proceedings” in the Council headquarter hall, and to the detriment of our legal luminaries who are disadvantaged on having time-clash with daily activities from the council headquarter resorted in shifting dates or queue for opportunity to exercise their legal functions.

The “Voice of the people is the Voice of God” come to play in Confirm Administration, in no distance time the lawyers were enthusiastic, the people were happy to see their mandate turning positively to their demands, in no distance time “ULTRAMODERN HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE” was built. Record has it that Hon.Chief Emmanuel Ajah (Confirm) is: Viz

  1. 1st executive and most youngest chairman to build a HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE in Ebonyi State

  2. Most youngest Executive Chairman in Ebonyi State to equipped and properly decorate a High Court of Justice.

Exhaustively, dispensing of laws in sound mind and atmospheric conditions improve the professionalism of a lawer, as such, indisputable signs of commendation during the Commissioning on 13th April, 2023, the Chief Judge of Ebonyi State, His Lordship Hon. Justice A.N. Nwankwo, JSC,CON,FCI Arb ably represented made a heart-warming statement that “this Chairman is a Chairman for the people”.

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