Just In : Governor announces N20 million monthly allowance for Chief Judge


Just In : Governor announces N20 million monthly allowance for Chief Judge

On Thursday, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike assured the State Chief Judge that the State Magistrate court would receive a monthly maintenance allowance of N20 million for the upcoming year. Wike warned that if he visited the court during the time period and found it disorganised, he would not be pleased with the administration.

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Governor Nyesom Wike promised the Chief Judge that “it will be unfair for the Chief judge not to maintain this edifice after my term in office” as he was about to commission the project.


This is why I will pay your maintenance fee in advance payments of N20 million per month for a year. Governor Nyesom Wike went on to say, “I will beg my successor to give you this money. One day I’ll come here for an inspection as well, and I don’t want to come across it in disrepair.” Again, Governor Nyesom Wike warned: “You won’t like the way I will scandalise your name if I come for an inspection and find that the magistrate court is in a poor condition. I am aware that some people bemoan the lack of money while poorly managing the little they do have.

Last but not least, Governor Nyesom Wike said, “As a chief judge, you hand the remaining money to him in order for him to continue from where you stop. This property ought to be regarded as being yours.

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