Just In : Bolt driver stabbed to death in Calabar by unidentified passengers.



Just In : Bolt driver stabbed to death in Calabar by unidentified passengers.

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Francis Atabi, a bolt driver, was stabbed to death in Calabar, the Cross River State capital on May 26 at around 10 p.m. by some unidentified passengers. Witnesses claim that the bolt driver was driving his passengers when they attempted to steal his car by fighting for control of the steering as they approached the Mary Slessor roundabout.


The people in the back of the car tried to strangle him with a rope as the person in the front seat continued to stab him repeatedly with a kitchen knife because he wouldn’t let go.

Even after being stabbed and struggling, the bolt driver wouldn’t let go.

As a result, the vehicle, which was already swaying on the highway, ran into a male passerby and allegedly killed him there.

The “passengers” exited the vehicle and fled the scene, leaving the bolt driver lying in a pool of his own blood.

He was said to have managed to enter the general hospital with the help of some nearby individuals, but due to the severity of his injuries from the numerous stab wounds, which must have affected his heart, he was turned away and sent to the teaching hospital

Bolt driver in Calabar Sadly, he passed away last night before getting to the teaching hospital.

The PRO for the Cross River Police, ASP Irene Ugbor, was “not reachable” at the time this report was filed, making attempts to get her comments fruitless.

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