If You Still Do This As A Man, You Are Gradually Killing Yourself


If You Still Do This As A Man, You Are Gradually Killing Yourself

In the nature of man, they feel that they are in-charge, most of them think that they know it and can never be corrected. They find it very difficult to accept their fault and amend their ways.

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In this article, I will show you the different ways you are gradually killing yourself as a man.


Below are the things you need to stop from doing to live longer and healthier

Stop a lot of sugar intake: as an aged man you need to regulate the rate at which you consume sugar or other things the much sugar is incorporated in. this will help you to keep away from an unnecessary increase in weight and diabetes.

  1. Too much smoking of cigarettes, weeds: according to the producers, they stated that “Smokers are liable to die young”, this is to warn people especially the younger ones toward immoderate smoking. It can badly harm some sensitive organs in the human system such as coronary heart and lungs. So if you are among those who still smoke, please minimize it because smoking kills slowly.

  2. Involving yourself in illegal business (Scam): if you are a grown-up guy, please find something legal and do, don’t see it as fun in taken what rightly belongs to others in the name of being smart, remember karma awaits you, it may be sooner or later.


  1. Gambling rather than investing: some men are very lazy these days that they found it very comfortable than making some investment for themselves, which leads them to become bad and finally dying of poverty.

  2. Taking excessive Alcohol: many men both young and old are doing this particular one. Alcohol is not bad when taken it moderately, but the excessiveness of it leads to heart failure.



  1. Being with different types of girls at the same time: as a man trying to have one partner at a time, trying to play around with so many girls at a time may lead to you contacting a deadly infectious or bacteria decease such as STDs

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