Gaza Ministry Confirms 50 Persons K!lled In Israeli Fresh Att@cks Amid Ceasef!re Deal


Gaza Ministry Confirms 50 Persons Killed In Israeli Fresh Attacks Amid Ceasefire Deal


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The Gaza Ministry of Health report on Tuesday comes despite the ongoing new ceasefire discussions.



The Gaza’s Ministry of Health has said that Israeli forces ramped up attacks on areas across the northern Gaza strip in the last 24 hours and left at least 50 people dead and dozens wounded.


The Gaza Ministry of Health report on Tuesday comes despite the ongoing new ceasefire discussions.


Al Jazeera reports that Israeli tanks deepened their incursions into some Gaza City districts like Shujayea, Sabra and Tal al-Hawa, where residents reported some of the fiercest fighting since the start of the Israeli-Hamas war in October 2023.


Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters reportedly said they fought against Israeli soldiers in Tal al-Hawa with anti-tank rockets and mortar fire and inflicted casualties.


Gaza City residents reported “explosions and numerous gun battles” as well as helicopter strikes through the night in Southwestern neighbourhoods.


It was reported that the Israeli army has focused its attention on Gaza City after announcing it had intelligence showing Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters were operating there.


Gaza City residents have now been told to move to the central district of Deir el-Balah, which the United Nations said “is already seriously overcrowded with Palestinians displaced from other areas of the Gaza Strip”.


A Gaza resident, Maha Mahfouz, fled her home with her two children and many other Palestinians from Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood.


According to the Al Jazeera report, Mahfouz said their area was not included in the latest evacuation orders, but “we are panicked because the bombing and gunfire are very close to us.”


Seven people including women and children were killed in a blast at a house in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, while six people died in an attack on a house on al-Jalaa Street in northern Gaza City, and three others were killed in a bombing in Lababida nearby.


The Director of the Indonesian Hospital, Marwan al-Sultan, said the hospital received 80 patients and wounded people from al-Ahli Hospital, noting that the patients had to be packed into “every corner”, as Gaza’s medical facilities have been overwhelmed with the wounded while struggling to remain in operation due to the Israeli attacks and a lack of supplies.


Al-Sultan was quoted as saying, “Many cases require urgent surgeries. Many cases suffer from direct shots in the head and require intensive care. Fuel and medical supplies are dwindling.”


The director added that the hospital also received 16 bodies, half of them women and children.


A Civil Defence spokesman, Mahmoud Bassal, reportedly said the military shelled houses in Gaza City’s Jaffa area and first responders “saw people lying on the ground and were not able to retrieve them”.


In a situational update on Tuesday, Israeli’s army said its forces “eliminated dozens of terrorists and located numerous weapons” during its operations in Gaza City.


It added that its soldiers are continuing raids “above and below” ground in the Shujayea neighbourhood.


Reacting to the attacks, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said it was “appalled” at the latest mass evacuation orders as “civilians continue to be killed and injured”.


Since October 7, 2023 when the Israeli-Hamas war started, Gaza’s Health Ministry said that at least 38,243 people have been killed in Gaza and 88,033 people wounded.


While Israel has sustained its bombardment of Northern Gaza, Hamas and Israeli officials have been discussing a potential ceasefire with mediators.


On Monday, Hamas warned that the intensifying attacks by Israel will bring the ceasefire discussion back to “zero”.


Hamas’ political chief, Ismail Haniyeh, said he made “urgent contact” with mediators warning of the “catastrophic consequences” of the deadly incursions.


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