Difference between President Buhari, Tinubu revealed by PMB’s Minister


Difference between President Buhari, Tinubu revealed by PMB’s Minister

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has explained what makes his former boss and president-elect, Bola Tinubu, different from President Muhammadu Buhari, in leadership qualities.

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Speaking during Sunday Politics programme on Channels Television, Fashola said Tinubu could be likened to a football coach that will delegate tasks to his team, instructs on what to do and still stands and shouts at the touchline until success is achieved.


He, however, explained that Buhari could be compared to a football manager that delegates and instructs his players on what to do and goes to sit in the dugout until the expiration of the game.

Fashola, speaking on his experience working with Tinubu, said, “So, I was his chief of staff for four and half years. I took over from Lai Mohammed, and in terms of controlling Asiwaju’s schedules, that was a strength, that was a tough task because he had day and night schedules.

“So, and for those who are going to work for him. Let me warn them, he’s very nocturnal, I hope he changes. So, he will wake you up at night. He does his best work in the dead of the night. Unless you can push back and claim your space at night, he will encroach on it. He’s very detailed, he micro-manages more than President Buhari.”

About the two leaders he worked with, he said, “I was speaking to someone and I said, imagine there are two football coaches. President Buhari is the type of president of a ‘football coach’ that will prepare his team and then go and sit in the coach’s dugout and watch them play for 90 minutes. He trusts them to do well and believes there’s nothing he can do.

“Asiwaju would be that kind of coach playing the game with them (in the dugout). Those are the two differences you’ll see. One prepares, and one delegates completely. One delegates and stays with you. and each one has his strength.”

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