COS, Ale is dutifully Focused, Owning unwavering Loyalty to Akeredolu, approach rumours with caution – Group Warns Rumor peddlers



COS, Ale is dutifully Focused, Owning unwavering Loyalty to Akeredolu, approach rumours with caution – Group Warns Rumor peddlers

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In the realm of politics, rumours and blackmail can be used as tools to undermine public officials and their administrations. One such malicious claim is that the Chief of Staff to the Governor Chief Olugbenga Ale is not loyal to his boss and that he had been gripped with palpable fear on the information that Aketi is planning to return home from his medical vacation. It is worthy to note that most of those who feel threatened with the political dexterity, commitment, dedication, loyalty and maturity display by Chief Olugbenga Ale over the years in handling administrative matters were his kinsmen who had resulted into cheap blackmailing to score political goals.


It has become imperative of the ONDO STATE MOVEMENT FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE to address these baseless allegations and shed light on the Chief Of Staff’s steadfast loyalty to the Governor. We would have ignored these series of press release with disdain it deserves but for the records and correcting the wrong notions already created in the media and the need to put the record straight for every discerning mind to see

Chief Olugbenga Ale who’s the Chief Of Staff holds a crucial position within the Governor’s administration. He is responsible for managing the Governor’s office, coordinating with various Stakeholders and ensuring the smooth functioning of the government’s agenda. His role is one of trust, support and dedication to the Governor’s vision.

To assess the Chief Of Staff’s loyalty, it is important to examine his consistent support for the government’s policies and initiatives. He has actively championed the Governor’s agenda and publicly defended and promoted the government’s decisions. A thorough analysis of his actions will reveal his unwavering commitment to the administration.

The Governor’s trust in the Chief Of Staff despite been away for medical reasons for a while is a testament to his loyalty. The Chief Of Staff is often privy to confidential information, strategic discussions, and decision-making processes. If there were any genuine concerns about his loyalty, the Governor would not have entrusted him with such responsibilities. The continued reliance on the Chief Of Staff even while away on medical leave indicates a strong bond built on trust.

Public statements and actions can serve as undeniable evidence of loyalty. The Chief Of Staff consistently expressed support for the Governor in public engagements. He has always defended the government’s policies and initiatives. His unwavering commitment to the Governor even in the face of criticism, demonstrates his loyalty beyond doubt.

The Chief Of Staff’s track record of accomplishments is another indicator of his loyalty. He has successfully implemented the Governor’s initiatives. He has effectively managed the Governor’s office and ensured the smooth functioning of the administration in the absence of “Mr. Talk and do” and this he has extended to the acting Governor His Excellency, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa which protocol demands for effective governance. His ability to achieve positive outcomes is a reflection of his dedication to the Governor’s goals.

The Chief Of Staff’s ability to foster positive working relationships with other government officials, legislators, and interest groups is crucial. His collaborative efforts in advancing the government’s agenda and building consensus among stakeholders indicate his commitment to the Governor’s vision. A strong network of alliances is a testament to his loyalty.

Rumors and blackmail are unfortunate tools used by political detractors to undermine public officials and their administrations. However, a closer examination of the Chief Of Staff’s consistent support for the Governor demonstrated trust and confidence, public statements and actions, track record of accomplishments and positive working relationships dispels these baseless allegations. It is important to rely on facts and evidence when assessing the loyalty of public officials, rather than succumbing to political manipulations of these jobbers.

It is outrageous and sacrilege for a right thinking individual to wish Mr. Governor dead for political gain. Whoever is behind this wide spread lies coated to resemble the real truth should desist before we expose their dirty linens in the public. These political demagogues are all out to assassinate the character and soil the years built image of Chief Olugbenga Ale in order to turn sour the long smooth relationship between him and his boss.

Chief Olugbenga Ale has never and can never conspired to impressed on Arakunrin Odunayo Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN, CON the Executive Governor of Ondo state to forcefully resign so that he can become the Secretary to the state government (SSG) under the present Acting Governor H.E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa neither can he wish him dead. It is important to approach rumours with caution and verify the information before drawing conclusions. It is glaring that these faceless authors of political blackmailing spread rumours for personal gain and gratification.
We beseeched members of the public to disregard the fraudulent publication and see that it is always best to rely on credible sources and evidence when evaluating claims.

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