Commending Uzodimma on 15,000 Youth Empowerment Program of Imo youths


By Peter Dibia. 08137847696

Many will agree that the future of any nation largely depends on how economically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually his youths are, being empowered and academically strengthened add impetus to advancement.

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Governor Hope Uzodimma is indeed fashioning out viable avenues to productively engage young minds in Imo State in line with his shared prosperity and recovery policy geared to prosperity and comfort for all citizens.


Endearingly, the youth starts living and functioning in his or her time of life when he or her is much young. “A youth according to dictionary, often means the time between childhood and adult- hood (maturity). The appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit” and other goodly attributes and rating makes a responsible youth.

This epistle reveals that Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youths in the whole world with 211,400,708 population, is backward because it abandoned the youth who are catalysts for development. Many Presidents in Nigeria both retired and those still serving have created different programs during their times to help reduce or eradicate completely the rising sore case of unemployment and insecurity among the youth.
Such programs were Sure-P, tiny political appointments with academic empowerment.

The former President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, believes that identifying and addressing issues that would enhance the lives of the youth would improve overall national development. “Youth constitute Nigeria’s only hope for a greater future”.

Government sees youths as ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic and promising. The are considered vulnerable in society because of the rapid pace of change they experience in lives. Nigerian youths are notably change agents and drivers of societal transformation. The Nigerian youth obviously have been undermined- left to rust in poverty, alienation, destabilization, suffering, anxiety and apprehension.

In developed countries, youths are giving priority attention and helped by government to function productively to become economically comfortable. The developing countries and some countries of Africa are doing greatly in youth rejuvenation for society edification. Government of Nigeria created a National Youth Development Policy  designed to advocate for youth development. The policy views youth welfare as vital, having great socio- economic development. The youth should be built to be productive. This is how Governor Hope Uzodimma sees youth empowerment as being great assets.

It is also pertinent to remind us that, the Federal Ministry of Youth Development is responsible for Youth Affairs with the vision “to Empower the Nigerian Youth to become self- reliant and socially responsible. It was established in 2007 and has departments focusing on enterprise development, vocational skills and training, youth voice, employment, and education. The ministry is responsible for the national youth policy, youth development programmes, funding youth activities, youth participation, and to manage the National Youth Services Corps and the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre”.

Uzodimma’s 15,000 Youth Empowerment program is highly commendable. Off course, Imo youths, just like other youths across the nation, have been yearning for attention which drew the youth loving governor to empowering them. Governor Hope Uzodimma will always do anything within his power to ensure that the youth of Imo State are Happy. Truth be told, once youths are gainfully employed, cultistim, insecurity, stealing, kidnapping, rape, drug abuse and other social vices that affect the society negatively will go.

Let it not be forgotten in a hurry that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and such everything ought to be put in place for their benefit and happiness. The ENDSARS Protest was done out of how badly they felt that Nigeria Police Force has treated them.

I have come not only to pour encomiums on Governor Hope Uzodimma, but also to talk about his financial Empowerment of Imo Youths.

On Saturday, the 26th day of June, 2021 will never be forgotten in the history of Imo State, as Senator Hope Uzodimma doled out 4billion naira for the empowerment of 15,000 Imo Youths who have been successfully trained as organized by government for 2021 Imo Youth Empowerment Program which was another fulfillment of the promise of the Governor, in line with the “Build the Youths, Build the Nation” mantra of the administration.

Conversely, many doubted the possibility of the money coming while others are of the opinion as let us just go and see, but my joy today is not that the money came, but it is another confirmation and a clear indication that Uzodimma’s 2021 Budget of Wealth Creation is 100% viable, tenable and achievable.

It will be good for me to also seize this great opportunity to advise those who received the money, to carefully invest it, and not to use it to play NariaBet or partying or clubing. One thing that am sure of, is that you must give account of that money for the purpose to which it was given according to government.

Governor Hope Uzodimma who disbursed the fund to Imo youths who have been trained in the various entrepreneurial trainings and skills acquisition programmes conducted by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition led by Hon Noble Atulegwu in conjunction with the Office of the Special Adviser (SA) on Youth Affairs Hon Eric Uwakwe, on Saturday 26th day of June, 2021, at the Dan Anyiam Stadium, Owerri, advised the youth not to misuse the opportunity, but to invest the money wisely, saying in the next few years they will thank him.

This is another stimulus package to revitalize the economy by creating job opportunities for numerous unemployed youths in the state and at the same time improve the standards of living of Imo people by making them job creators instead of job seekers. Do you Know that, the funds earmarked for this initiative will train a total of 15,000 youths across the State, thereby empowering different families- this is commendably good, my people?

Your Excellency, I have no doubt that, your journey and commitment to Rehabilitate, Reconstruct and Recover Imo State is gradually taking a new shape. Indeed, Imo must be great again.

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