Allow the people to have a say in the decisions that affect them : Aliyu Hussein Taye to all Elected Officers



Allow the people to have a say in the decisions that affect them : Aliyu Hussein Taye to all Elected Officers

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A core progressive from ondo state Mr Aliyu Taye has congratulated, adviced and given clue on what it takes to discharge creditably and appreciable state of governance and representation to all Elected Officers in the just concluded 2023 general elections.

Mr Taye in a document released to our heritage reporter on Wednesday morning adviced that all elected officers must learn how to Allow their people to have a say in the decisions that affect them

According to him, in the spirit of patriotism and goodwill, I write to keep you abreast of the needed ingredients of governance as required by democratic practices.

The promises made on different podiums during the struggle to win the heart of the people are still as fresh as they were uttered at campaign grounds.

During the electioneering campaigns, you were all at the mercy of the people because they control the power to either vote for you or to vote against you. The ball is now in the court of all the elected public servants to decide the fate of all the individuals within their constituencies.

We have entrusted you with the people’s mandate and we are anticipating and expecting dividends of democracy as enshrined in our constitution. We hope to continue seeing the townhall meetings, timely response to calls and unreserved show of care that were displayed during the electioneering period.

We hope to see you regularly in your constituencies as you have shown during the campaigns, We hope to see more of launching and commissioning of new projects, provision of transformers and provision of boreholes as seen during the campaigns

We hope to continue dinning and wining with all of you as witnessed during the electioneering period, We hope to see the presence of federal projects in our constituencies. We hope to see you fulfilling all your campaign promises.

I want to categorically set the record straight and tell all of you what governance is all about.

Governance is making decisions and ensuring that such decisions are in line with provision of law and constitution. Governance is a process that is designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, empowerment and inclusiveness.

Whatever you do as an elected officer must be shaped by the above stated ingredients of good governance. You must endeavour to put the interest of your constituents first and allow them to have a say in your decision.

The principle of deliberation and lobby in either national or state Assemblies start from the needs and aspirations of the people you represent. Get it right this time by allowing your people to have a say in the decisions that affect them

Recruit knowledge-driven personalities that can help you achieve all- inclusive governance. Be consistent in your drive for growth and be motivated by the lapses and shortfalls in your constituencies

Your performance will be measured by the societal challenges you solved and number of lives touched by you, You are elected because we voted for you and we are expecting that you will protect our interests and bring to us dividends of democracy, Mr Taye concluded

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