A Vision beyond Ondo State : Olasumbo Faseesin Esq



Fondly called Mama-digital, Mrs. Akeredolu heightens the hope of Girl child in Ondo State haven lead several innovative solutions aimed at salvaging our girls and women off cultural stereotypes, limitations and stagnation. In line with International best practices, she’s of the opinion that the future only belongs to a well groomed child. For her, the greatness to anticipate lies with the Girl Child.

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Mama-BEMORE, a grandmother @ 67 appears extremely prepared to give the Girlchild a future in Ondo State and across other Federating States through her obvious proposals. She’s typically the women’s advocate who is untiring in her projects for women. Her recent slogan and passionate advocacy is to have the men respecting women and not appendages as the culture had overtime regulated and relegated the female folks to background. She’s advocating women’s participation in politics, especially the National and States Assembly where critical decisions are made. Decisions as to our utility values and dividends of DEMOCRACY.


Mama-Fowoso largely believes that Women must take the front row. Hence, catching them young is a target for her. She’s an incurable advocate of #ReduceFilaForGele. That’s her brand and slogan, going forward. Meaning reduce the men in the legislative houses for women. Let women equally participate in decision making that concerns all.

You will recall her recent targets on Widows in Ondo State turnaround succour and hope for most women. How she’s been working hard to get them empowered. Mrs. Akeredolu’s style is however unique and different. From data collection into training, exhibition and exposition.

Interacting with the girls, I could see how intelligent they are with brilliant tech-ideas. Since the world is a global village, our girls and women must remain digital according to Mrs. Akeredolu who’s excellently savvy in her outputs. For today’s remarkable events, I see the Girlchild going places in another 10years or more. This is how to start-up revolution!. Intellectual Revolution is the core for a progressive country not violence or, anarchy. Harvesting them young into several developmental programmes. Taking them through the world in a bit and changing their entire story through ceaseless sensitization, orientation, unlearning & learning new things and ideas. Assuring them a brighter future ahead with tenacity, hard work and endless commitment.

Our girls are now fit for competition within and outside the country in various activities and technology. Interacting with another BEMORE Girl, she confidently assured me of building a Solar Power in less than 2days and that she would dis-arm any boy of her age in self-defence if provoked or pushed to react. She’s obviously trained in Taekwondo. All this and many more were things I witnessed myself @ the Jesuralem Dance Competition held on the 1st of November, 2020 in Ondo State.

It is our character to identify with anything that promotes humanity and develops our soceity. Ours is to aim the stars for the overall benefit of humanity. Training the Girlchild is the paradigm shift and new vista we must all key into for a better and promising future. Investing in the Girlchild is no waste and a typical example is our recent Okonji-Iweala whom we anticipate as Director General, World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Our girls can certainly BEMORE if we all agree to unanimously promote, preserve and project them. It is a massive difference from old tradition and normal lifestyle. Hitherto, Mrs Akeredolu’s vision is to translate and transmogrify the potentials of our girls into what is sought after, globally. Everything about these girls numbering a thousand and more who are cut across Ondo State and drafted in through Ministry of Education haven fulfilled the first condition on “Reading & Writing” was excellent. That, among other good virtues, a would-be BEMORE girl seeking admission into her University of Life must learn how to read & write while other things are taught including the use of computer laptops et cetera.

It is hands-on experience with good teachers to train them in summer boot-camps anywhere and everywhere depending on the choice of training part-time and per-chance.

Observing her intense training and interest in the Girlchild, Mama D-gital otherwise Mama-BEMORE and FOWOSO has her work around women. She’s an incurable optimist and advocate for the Women’sWorld. In other words, don’t play pranks with her girls. This is her warning anytime parents, well-wishers, invited guests and friends of BEMORE turn-up to her events. She’s extremely passionate and forthright with the Girlchild-Rights as provided in various International Instruments.

The Women’s and Girlchild rights are now feasible with Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu whose vision, mission and objective is to rescue women from needless competition with men. The days of endless patriarchy is obviously become history. Neither will she accomodate traditional stereotypes where women are kept behind the scene and limited by standard. She’s a force to reckon with in her ceaseless push for women’s rights irrespective of age and size. How the Nigerian Government will take this novel and noble initiative and translate same into a BILL FOR AN ACT OR, LEGISLATION AND LAWS FOR STATE IS A PROJECT FOR ALL TO RUMINATE ON.

Globally, countries all over the world have moved from needless patriarchy and stereotypes into gender parity and equality. Unlike Africa, the stone & dark ages must witness a rebirth and renaissance with Arabinrin Betty Akeredolu a foremost advocate in Nigeria . She’s the proponent and advocate for 21st century Girlchild enormously trained to live independent above cultural stagnation, stereotypes & limitations. Beyond limits, BEMORE has come to stay and stay must it.

It is our opinion that, Federal Government key into plans on how to make the Girlchild more responsible and responsive in the soceity with beautiful templates from Arabinrin Betty Akeredolu who runs a University of Life for BEMORE GIRLS in Ondo State and by extension, Ekiti State. If the soceity must get better, the Girlchild must be trained and properly equipped to confront challenges of life. In doing so, the male folks and counterparts would find sincere compliment and companion in the female folks not dependants and appendages as it were in the past. It is a revolution engineered and sponsored by Arabinrin a seer who sees beyond the margin.

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