2023: Umahi Competent For Nigeria Leadership Project,Southeast Deserved Equal treatment not Biafra: Egu Richard



The former Personal Assistant to Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, currently in ivo Akubaraoha Youths Assembly members, Comrade Egu Richard has thrown up what the agitations of the IPOB and south Easterners should be.

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Egu Richard in an interview with our heritage reporter also made it known why Gov. David Umahi fit-in to replace president Buhari as the next president of Nigeria in the coming 2023 general election.



According to Egu Richard, IPOB as we all know is on a course to fight against the maginalization and unequatable distribution of resources in the south Easterners and lack of following the principle of federal character in the Nigeria nation of today.

The different between IPOB and MASSOB is that we all know that MASSOB was there at earlier time and the agitation was same on the marginalization of the south east region, but with the level at which IPOB operates now we can say emphatically that the agenda has been hijacked by the political bigwigs, evil men of the state by drawing arrows up and down to distrupt the peaceful cohabitation of the south east and ONE NIGERIA.

The five south east State are now been seen as the most havoc area as a result of the disturbing activities of the hijacked IPOB agenda especially the Sit-At-Home.

My concern for the IPOB agitation is that we do not need cession now, we need one Nigeria, we need equal treatment for all regions of the federation.

In a calm and simple dialogue, all grievance can be sorted out, be it rotation of president from all the region as when due, appointment and empowerments at equal levels in all regions, all this can be achieved with love and unity if we establish orderliness in such.

Namdi Kanu as we all know is a pro biafra activist and a freedom fighter all for the sake of South Easterners and self rule, though a dual citizen of Nigeria and Britain, merely looking at their agitation, it sound germane but taking into cognizance of what is obtainable in the south east, the infrastructural negligence, unequal recognition by the federal government of today, many might think he is doing the right thing though hijacked but to me, I have the strong believe that it is not the right way to go, we can live together in one Nigeria peacefully, in as much the federal character principle and equal treatment is strictly in place.

Despite the depression and pressure of who can rule Nigeria effectively from the south east irrespective of the state or the political party of that individual, for me I think we have numbers of individual from the region who can lead Nigeria to the level of everyone Dream.

Take for instance, we have Governor David Umahi from Ebonyi state who is also the chairman of Southern East Governors Forum that has done greatly in governance, though we may not know what we have untill we engage what we have to see the quality of what we have, actually he has delivered perfectly well in Ebonyi state in all sectors, we also have other individuals from the region, but as it is now I can beat my chest that Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi is just the best for Nigeria project of “ONE NIGERIA”.

Meanwhile, its not a doubting facts that almost all other regions has ruled Nigeria, then the best time is now to give the south Easterners chance to prove their worth especially in moving Nigeria to the next level.

Comrade Egu Richard

former P.A to Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information and State Orientation And ivo Akubaraoha Youths Assembly members


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