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A foremost leader in a youth group in Ivo Local government area of Ebonyi State Comrade Egu Richard has revealed the best presidential candidate among others showing interest to rule Nigeria Nation in 2023.


Comrade Egu Richard while reacting to an interview with a correspondent of our heritage reporter online news explained that Engr. Umahi is the best based on his track records achieved as a two term governor of Ebonyi State.

According to him, Nigerians must make selection based in the past records of individual and their capacity to turn things around.

Below are the interview questions and justifications and apt breakdown of Comrade Egu Richard on Nigeria 2023 election and Ebonyi State economic development

Why did you think Engr. David Umahi is the best that can fix Nigeria?

Good leaders are chosen by their anticidents and profiling of their achievements that has been done in the previous office, it’s very simple to chose a candidate for a particular position, history do repeat itself, the world itself revolve like moving clockwise and anticlockwise so it is when chosing a leader.

To make a good leadership, there is need to investigate on the achievement of such person in the previous positions, what is the person capacity, can such handle a particular office effectively, hence this is a practical explanation of the achievement of Gov Umahi, been a wonderful leader based on the records achieved been a governor, then he stands as the best to lead Nigeria Nation come 2023.

With the situation of things in the present day Nigeria,did you think people can still support Apc in the 2023 Election?

It’s not about the party it’s , it’s about the individual, for us to move this nation forward,then we must look for an individual with good records,to be a president in Nigeria you must first consult widely,the president of Nigeria, president Buhari have advice that anyone with a presidential ambition to consult widely and the person must be a young Sharp.

People like Ashiwaju Ahmed Tinubu should be a political Coach,king maker just as it has been in the interest of the youths,for Nigeria to grow,it’s high time we give leadership to the the youths.

The need for youth to showcase thier capacity too in the area of leadership,youth who have handled previous positions very well should also be entrusted for a bigger position,why am saying this is because Ebonyi State of today is not just the way it was then before the emergence of Gov Umahi.

If you’re in Ebonyi State in 2013,2014 and 2015 but later traveled and return now, you will definitely see the interpretation of good Governance around,what am saying in essence is that, those youth who still have the blood in them to contribute thier very best to the society should be given opportunity.

People should look at who can perform creditably well,who can unite Nigeria as a nation,these are what we should consider when selecting who to lead us irrespective of the party, religious or ethnic line.


On Economic and sport development how would you rate the present administration in Ebonyi state?

The deplorable situation of Economy in Ebonyi State is a thing of the past, there is a huge difference, this will be more visible and widely opened at the completion of the Ebonyi state airport which is at 80percent completion, and more also the ongoing science school project, this will bring people from far and near which will drastically improve the Economy of the state

As we speak,the Economic state of Ebonyi has improved base in how the ministry of finance under the leadership of Eng Umahi is handling the income and expenses of the State professionally and control of state resources.

To tell you the fact, if there can be change in Ebonyi State I am confident that Nigeria can also change for better if Gov Umahi is given the mandate to rule.

How many years have they play afcon in Nigeria? Looking at the ongoing competition in Cameroon despite nigeria been the giant of africa, Nigeria out to be first in everything in africa been a giant nation, therefore we must look critically when it’s time to make choice of leader we must consider who can take Nigeria to her real state of development.

The youth development and employment in Ebonyi State is on rising level, the Commisoner for youth and sport have been doing wonderfully well and Gov Umahi is not a parochial leader he Appointed an individual from ANAMBRA as a Commissioner because he doesn’t segregate .

That’s why the rate of growth and development in Ebonyi State is on high rating always, Nigeria needs an individual who can unite everything both human and material resource for the development of the people.


Would you accept that there is any better candidate to b a president in the south east than Gov Umahi?

In the south east we have notable candidate who can be the next Nigeria president expecially in APC but to be sincere, Eng Umahi is the best among them ,though Rochas Okorocha ,orji kalu,Ken nnamani have declared his ambition but Eng Umahi is exceptional base on his good record tracks.

It once happened in 2015 when he wanted to be Governor so as it happened then is just the way it will happen again in 2023 by the special grace of Almighty God.

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